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Apply Now: $500,000 USAID Invests Grants in DFS & Connectivity

By Wayan Vota on January 23, 2023

USAID internet connectivity funding

We should invest in Internet connectivity globally because it can help people access educational resources, find job opportunities, and connect with others. Increased broadband Internet can help businesses improve access to new markets, customers, and suppliers, helping them to grow and create jobs. Additionally, governments can deliver public services, such as health care and education, more efficiently online.

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Better Internet access can help to improve access to digital financial services. Many individuals and small businesses in developing countries lack access to traditional banking services, making it difficult for them to save money, access credit, and participate in the formal economy. Digital financial inclusion provides mobile banking, online lending platforms, and new financial products, driving economic growth and development.

USAID Digital Invest for Internet Connectivity and Digital Financial Services

USAID’s Innovation, Technology, and Research Hub has launched another Digital Invest blended finance program that seeks to catalyze private investment that advances open, interoperable, reliable, inclusive, and secure internet connectivity and digital financial services. This effort builds on the Digital Economy and original Digital Invest programs.

This year’s call for partnership concepts is now open to accelerate sustainable market growth for digital connectivity and financial technology companies serving traditionally excluded consumer populations in developing markets that will:

  1. Support the sustainable growth and expansion of competitive internet service providers (ISPs) and related telecommunications infrastructure companies in developing markets.
  2. Support the sustainable growth and expansion of competitive financial technology companies in developing markets.

USAID can develop multiple public-private partnerships, each with approximately $500,000 in USG grant capital, and an equal if not greater amount of private sector resource commitments.

Potential private sector partners that meet basic eligibility criteria can engage in exploratory conversations and co-creation with USAID to explore high-impact, catalytic, and market-driven uses of grant funding in a blended finance approach to mobilize private capital for internet connectivity and digital financial services in developing markets.

Apply Now! Deadline is April 14, 2023

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3 Comments to “Apply Now: $500,000 USAID Invests Grants in DFS & Connectivity”

  1. Moses kiiru says:

    With the the growing demand of internet services in africa, huge ict companies have taken the initiative and installed fiber optics to different parts of our country, however the cost is too high for common people and affordability is a major issue. I on the other hand came up with an affordable way for normal people to get a connection.

  2. Teshome Merga says:

    Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union /OCFCU/ limited liability is a smallholder coffee growers-owned cooperative union established on June 1, 1999, by 34 cooperatives with 22,691 farmers in Ethiopia. Today there are 405 cooperatives with over 400,000 Members and $20,000,000 Capital. OCFCU is a Democratic member’s owned business operating under the principles of
    International Cooperative Alliance and fair trade. Members of Oromia Coffee Farmers
    Cooperative Union is the growers, processors, and suppliers of high-quality, organic Arabica
    coffee for direct export. So, if a fund provider (USAID, GAD) allows us to prepare a market-based approach, we will provide the proposal to make a strong market chain and sustainability of our primary Cooperative of farmers.
    Thank you

  3. KAREBE Alex says:

    I’m happy to contact the recipient in purpose to enquiry how to proceed in preparing this kind of project INTERNET CONNECTIVITY that requires the skills and competence. My request is to know if there is any kind technical assistance project design in USAID.
    We are collaborative cooperative in agribusiness. the members linked by others independent cooperatives to enhance capacity building in technology training and assistive technology like trainer of trainers. many people are interesting in connectivity because internet in Rwanda is focused activities jobs, business, services, information and all matters.
    I think to hear from the responsible of project ICT in USAID, your advice is important for us
    Best Regards