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Apply Now: $1,150,000 USAID Grant Funding for Digital Economy Solutions

By Wayan Vota on June 14, 2021

Internet project funding

To improve the lives of millions of low income and vulnerable people throughout the world, we need to support the development of open, inclusive, and secure digital ecosystems. We also need to help communities adopt digital solutions and data-driven approaches that improve development outcomes.

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One way to achieve this goal is to crowd in commercial and institutional capital, structured in a manner appropriate for the respective fund managers and their target portfolios. We can catalyze private investment to advance trustworthy vendors providing internet access and digital financial services.

USAID Digital Economy Grant Funding

The USAID Digital Economy: Mobilizing Private Capital for the ICT Industry In Emerging Markets program will:

  • Catalyze economically sustainable and secure private sector network investments,
  • Promote regulatory reforms,
  • Encourage adoption of cybersecurity best practices,

This program will strengthen open, inclusive, and secure digital ecosystems in emerging markets by supporting sustainable market growth for Internet Service Providers and digital financial services companies serving traditionally excluded consumer populations in emerging markets.

USAID will contribute up to $1,150,000 to this program to develop two Global Development Alliances:

  • Connectivity-focused GDA with up to $650,000 in grant funding that results in increased network access, affordability, and adoption in underserved areas
  • Digital finance-focused GDA with up to $500,000 in grant funding that results in increased financial inclusion through improved products/services and targeted new customer acquisition

USAID is interested in internet service and digital finance providers that

  • Use secure network equipment
  • Employ proper cybersecurity measures
  • Advance competition
  • Create alternatives to monolithic companies and models.

Apply Now! Deadline is June 30, 2021

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17 Comments to “Apply Now: $1,150,000 USAID Grant Funding for Digital Economy Solutions”

  1. Bankole Paul Olajide says:

    Good morning sir Madam, I’m interested in the Agricultural founding of €2.7 million to develop and enlarged my farm project business to greatest level. I will be happy if I can be considered. Thank you and God bless you. Yours sincerely BANKOLE PAUL. From Nigeria.

  2. Samuel says:

    Dear Sir /Madam, we are very excited to hear about your innovative helping hands. We have needs in the Agricultural funding of €2.7 million for expansion of JOVERSA INTEGRATED SERVICES aquaculture, and farms to boost food security in Nigeria /West Africa at large. Looking forward in anticipation.

  3. Need funding asap business

  4. Raboni Fisha Essiet says:

    Please I am humbly apply for the grant

  5. Girmachew Birhane says:

    It is the best funding systems I am volentur for working in this system

  6. Agboola Isaiah says:

    Good day, please I need the Grant’s to boost my farm

  7. Odafe says:

    Sir / Madam,
    Thanks for this great opportunity given to apply for the grant on Edu tech Solution, $335,000. I am a trainer with a strong technical experiences and willing to impact positively on the society if am properly encouraged financially to establish training centers. Am requesting your support to enable me establish a skill aquisition center. This project is aim to reduce the massive rate of unemployment in my country , Nigeria. Sir/Ma, I will appreciate and for the purpose of sincerity if you can assign a representative from your end to be part of this great project having considered my request. Many thanks as I expect your kind consideration in advance.

  8. Shuruke Erera says:

    Dear, we have needs in the agircultural funding of €2.7 million for farms to boost food securty in ethiopia.


    I need startup grant/funding for world policing, property and life security fraud /corruption /laundry buster.

  10. Shuruke Erera says:

    Dear, I need the grant’s

  11. The Millennium Movement Against Poverty (MMAP) http://www.mmapgh.org
    needs your Support to strengthen our activities.d

  12. Okolo Akpobomowei says:

    To upgrade my poultry farm with digital technologies..

  13. Nongo Paul Ter says:

    To raise my piggery farm to appreciable standard. I need at least $2.7m to expand and improve on facilities.

  14. It’s the sustainability of the project which must be planned well.

  15. Rose says:

    Hi,applying for the grant to boost my business..

  16. Dear Sir/Ma,
    My organization Global Initiative For Proper Parenting is carrying out projects in the rural areas in Nigeria on menstrual hygiene, family health, protection of children from sexual abuse, sensitising teens on the disadvantages of social vices and so on. We are in need of grants to do more.
    Anticipating your reply.
    Thank you

  17. Mulugeta Ligdi lola says:

    It is vital program to work on child development ,community based development which more focus rural infrastructure and the project contribute to alliviate unemployment problem soecially educated unemployment