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How to Find USAID Contracts and Grants Funding Opportunities

By Guest Writer on July 1, 2011

usaid funding

USAID generally undertakes direct assistance programs to benefit developing countries through competitive grants and cooperative agreements. This ensures that all activities are concentrated on specific objectives to maximize impact and that they are consistent, mutually reinforcing, and draw support from the best available sources.

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Visit www.usaid.gov/locations to see if USAID and your organization are currently working in the same country and to ensure that your organization’s goals align with the USAID priorities for that country. Establish a relationship with the USAID Mission in the countries where you work; set up meetings with them and invite them to see your operation.


Grant Seeking Advice for NGOs

Visit Grants.gov to find and apply for federal grants.

NGOs that seek to compete for grant funding and cooperative agreements must be registered in USAID’s Private Voluntary Organization (PVO) online registry. USAID seeks to work with partners willing to collaborate with other organizations.

Explore the PVO registry and research USAID-funded groups that you may want to partner with to complete common development objectives. Alliances with other organizations can make your organization more competitive when applying for funding.

Sign up for the International GrantStation Insider. This monthly newsletter provides the latest information on new funding programs and upcoming grant deadlines, as well as general information that benefit all grant-seekers.

Contracts for Businesses

All companies must register with the Central Contractor Registration (CCR). The U.S. Government has two central web portals for companies interested in business opportunities.

When USAID posts solicitations, notices of contract opportunities and corresponding solicitations are available at FedBizOps, the single source for federal procurement opportunities. Notices of federal grant and cooperative agreement opportunities for project funding are listed there.

For Everyone

Get to Know USAID.

Explore the pages on the USAID website. Read about our ongoing programs and the work we do as well as the successes we see in development partnerships every day through our efforts. Also, explore our USAID Mission directory and Mission websites to engage with our country and regional programs.

Check the Forecast.

USAID issues a Business Forecast that shares some of the opportunities we will be making available throughout the year from our Washington D.C. headquarters and from Missions worldwide.

Sign up for Notification Services.

Information on how to register for notification services can be found on the FedBizOpps.gov and Grants.gov home pages. You will receive notices on pre-solicitation materials, the solicitation itself, modifications to solicitations, and general procurement announcements.

Note US Federal Regulations & Policies

If you wish to work with USAID as a development partner in any location around the world, you must be familiar with U.S. federal regulations that govern the way USAID conducts its business.

For all contracts, USAID refers to the U.S. Government Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and USAID’s Acquisition Regulation (AIDAR). For all grants and cooperative agreements (assistance mechanisms), USAID uses the U.S. Government Code of Federal Regulations (CFR).

For all acquisition and assistance awards (contracts, grants, and cooperative agreements), USAID refers to USAID policy and guidance found in the Automated Directives System (ADS), specifically Series 300.

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12 Comments to “How to Find USAID Contracts and Grants Funding Opportunities”


    I need notification for USAID Programs. Many thanks for your help.

  2. JASMIN BETIS says:

    good job

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks to USAID, I have seen you work in different grants fields, working on health and the positive it has on needy people. May God keep you going.

    There are still more bright and capable poor children looming within the country. I have met two poor bright boys, one desperate because he is on and off from school and the parents are without alternative, the other one did not even join form one and had passed very well, these two cases have bothered me to-date, I myself am struggling to make ends meet to educate mine and so it is impossible to help much.

  4. M Asif Mansha says:

    please send us contact nbr ASAP

  5. Mary Yap Tago M.D. says:

    We are a small NGO implementing the CHE(Community Health Education Program in 8 sites in the Philippines since 2007 using the entry point TB DOTS of the NTP (National Tuberculosis Program of the Department of Health in the Philippines). However, the project has ended last December 2011. The stakeholders were caught off guard, they wanted the program to continue. Although there were commitments from our end to continue the follow up for sustainability, to scale up to the neighboring communities were deemed impossible due to financial constraints. Currently we are looking for funding sources to be able to multiply what we have started especially the response of the different stakeholders were very much evident.
    We plan to implement the CHE Program to be able to contribute the Millennium Development Goal of WHO.

  6. Anonymous says:

    JOJO SHAAHU FOUNDATION is a non Governmental, not for profit organization, that envisions a challenge free and self sustaining society where the less privileged group have a source of livelihood and are free from ignorance, disease and environmental hazards. The Foundation works in four (4) thematic areas namely: – Health and HIV/AIDS, Girl Child Education, Governance and Policy as well as Youth Empowerment. So far, the Foundation has carried out activities such as: – advocacy visits, collaborating with other NGOs to carryout activities such as wolrd hand wash day,orphans and vulnerable children identification, assessment and enrollment and also, Peer Education in the area of HIV awareness and Prevention

  7. gyakuna says:

    We are a NGO – Save The Children Australia implementing the Community Based Health Care Program in 800 villages of East Sepik Province of Papua New Guinea. we train Village Health Workers or volunteers to give basic treatment for malaria, diarrhoea and skin diseases. we also do matenal and child health program through village birth attendant who help provide basic antenatal care to pregnant mothers and assist them during child birth especially in areas where there is no formal health care available. this program is an initiative of the PNG’s National Department of Health funded by NZAID and will cease by September 2012. The stakeholders were concerned and want the project to continue as the commmunities have expressed positive impacts it has on the lives of rural people. Currently we are looking for funding sources to continue this valuable program.
    We plan to implement thisProgram to be able to contribute to the Millennium Development Goal of WHO.

  8. arif farooq says:

    Dear SIR

    I am maintaining a very small dairy form in a village in punjab province.I want to enhance the bussiness to support my children education &good living.
    How can I get some assistance from usaid.

    with regads

  9. mercy chebet says:

    Following the information i got from a friend whom you helped her through her studies i thought of it as a great opportunity to request the same.

    I am a second year in the university of Jomo Kenyatta taking bachelor of business information technology.It has been with great sacrifice and struggle that i have managed to be there following the fact that my parents are separated and i have three siblings behind me.

    I would appreciate your help and I am looking forward to you reply.Thank you.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Teenager’s single mother is becoming a popular reality in many countries in Africa and propulsed them away from being productive as they end up not being able to carry on with their studies. Depending on the opposite sex to survive they face the biggest challenge of contracting HIV by becoming prostitutes, drug dealers and that causes a desequilibria in the community. Africa Welfare is willing to attend to the matter through education. We need funding.

    Faithfully Yours;

    Mr. M. KALUME

  11. John Norotouw says:

    I just returned to Papua Province in Indonesia after living for 28 years in Papua New Guinea as political refugee.
    I realized that many people of Papua still living below standard and poor.
    I therefore plan to develop Cacao Plantation in my village near Jayapura regency but I dont have fund to start it. I believe with this project I will be able to help people arond those villages to find job also blocks to work and earn income.
    I have formed small company, “CV. JAYAPURA PUTRA PERKASA” to find assistance interms of Fund also Advise.
    I therefore seek USAID to help me.
    Thank you very much.

    John Norotouw

  12. thanx to usaid ua services are of high assitance globally and may God bless u