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Apply Now: $2 Million USAID Grants for Internet Connectivity and DFS

By Wayan Vota on April 4, 2022

USAID internet connectivity funding

The American people seek to improve the lives of millions of low-income and vulnerable people throughout the world by supporting the development of open, interoperable, reliable, inclusive, and secure digital ecosystems and the adoption of digital tools and data-driven approaches to improve development outcomes.

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They want to advance competition and choice among providers that will ensure emerging markets have viable, secure alternatives to monolithic, authoritarian-backed companies and models. This can happen by providing financing for digital financial service and connectivity infrastructure providers that use secure network equipment and employ proper cybersecurity measures across Africa, Asia, and Latin America and the Caribbean.

$2 Million USAID Digital Invest Grants

USAID’s Digital Invest commitment to strengthen digital economies in partner countries around the world focuses on mobilizing private capital for Internet connectivity and digital financial services in emerging markets. The program strengthens open, interoperable, reliable, inclusive, and secure digital ecosystems.

USAID will contribute up to $2,000,000 to develop public-private partnerships that:

  1. Support the sustainable growth and expansion of competitive internet service providers (ISPs) and related telecommunication infrastructure in emerging markets.
  2. Support the sustainable growth and expansion of competitive financial technology companies in emerging markets.

USAID will work with potential private sector partners to explore and determine the most high-impact, catalytic, and market-driven use of grant funding in a blended finance approach to mobilize private capital for internet connectivity and digital financial services in emerging markets.

USAID funding may be structured into a fund as first loss capital, used as “top up” grants to existing portfolio companies, put toward technical assistance to accelerate the success of portfolio companies, or for appropriate operational and transaction costs, as determined by both parties as the most catalytic.

Apply Now! Deadline is April 29, 2022

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19 Comments to “Apply Now: $2 Million USAID Grants for Internet Connectivity and DFS”

  1. Mishi alfani mwaringa says:

    I really need your advice on how to apply for unsaid grants, I’m a registered General supplier of goods and services but basically dealing with supplies of dryfoodstuffs, fresh fruits and vegetables to both government and private institutions and individuals

  2. Robert kurgat says:

    I’ want advice for community internet service solution, and work with sponsor.

  3. Otti Chukwudi Celestine says:

    May God help you people to succeed with the great task of supporting both known and unknown number of people to succeed with their business thank you.

  4. Nigel Madiak says:

    I wanted to help my rural communities with the Community WiFi Project but need finance to roll out the program.

    Please advise me on how I can get the chance to secure the grant.



  5. Lettie Bridgette Nkosi says:

    Hello. Help me get the grant in order to establish a language laboratory to enhance reading and listening to school going children who have challenges in improving their English. This would be digital/computerized.
    The centre will also have a computer lab that will be a resource centre for any school project that need research and so on using the internet. Most of my community students especially in some of the semi_ rural areas have no access to internet café, free WiFi or cellphones.
    So, please help me to apply


  6. Baz says:

    Hi, please advice on grant for internet connectivity.

  7. Aminu sani umar says:

    Hello good day to you all.
    Please how can I apply

  8. Molefi Nathane says:

    Morning I have a land and prepared to develop it and will be a very good start, so how to apply for this..

  9. Rebecca Makhalemele says:

    Would like to connect youth in the rural areas within my country Lesotho with the developing world through Internet Projects.

  10. Abiodun Wright says:

    Hello there

    I am Abiodun Wright, I would love to help young business start-up to strategize , make more impact , and gain more grounds in their unique places of market.

    Please how do I get a financial Grant to start this project.

    This financial Grant will help to facilitate trainings and workshops that will help strengthen the young people in the business world.

    Thank you

  11. Elimo Gervanson says:

    How can I apply for funds. We are an ict professionals and would like start training our community youth and other professionals on matters IT. Kindly assist how I can apply. ELIMO GERVANSON EREGAE from Turkana county.

  12. Salisu Barde says:

    I have a startup NGO that works for internet freedom and rural telephony, please help.

  13. Alpha Morie Jr says:

    I really want to be part of this and my local community benefit from such a project as we are highly vonerable to these development.

  14. Zephania Wutete says:

    We have shortage of water. Enternet .food and electricity in rural areas Zimbabwe thank you

  15. Kwena says:

    I dont even know where to start

  16. Nomvula Mnukwana says:

    Hello Im a single lady with 3 kids and 2 grandchildren and one adopted child, can u help me with internet data

  17. Oni Taiwo. Mathew says:

    I am willing to help my city , with internet and also my state ,ekiti, Nigeria

  18. Sidney Chabalala says:

    My country, community and my environment needs help indeed and I have lots and lots of ideas and have past and present experiences to that effect, we need support to deal with all our challenges.

  19. Elvis kipkosgei says:

    Request for funding