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Apply Now! $50,000 for Women’s Economic Empowerment Research

By Wayan Vota on May 9, 2021

women's digital financial inclusion

Financial inclusion has an impact on many aspects of the lives of poor and marginalized people. It helps them smooth consumption and absorb financial shocks and can facilitate productive investments in education and commercial enterprise. Digital financial services also can empower women economically through various pathways.

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However, there are currently only a handful of rigorously designed studies from very specific population samples that demonstrate the impact of digital finance on women’s economic empowerment. Additional studies are needed to improve our ability to generalize research findings and advance policy recommendations.

Women’s Economic Empowerment Funding

The Women’s Economic Empowerment and Digital Finance research initiative will generate evidence on the pathways between digital financial services and women’s economic empowerment with rigorous research projects.

$50,000 research grants are available for organizations in South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa to embark on:

  • Measurement Studies, including developing novel measurement techniques, an adaptation of an existing measure to a different cultural context, or population.
  • Qualitative Studies to disentangle the causal mechanisms of an RCT or shed light on specific sub-themes, including investigations as formative research or advancing existing studies.
  • Pilot Studies to stimulate early data acquisition and analysis fieldwork and explore promising opportunities for future large-scale projects.

For any research involving human participants or data relating to identifiable human subjects, researchers are required to complete a research ethics review and provide proof of the approval from an Institutional Review Board (IRB).

Apply now! Deadline is May 31, 2021.

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14 Comments to “Apply Now! $50,000 for Women’s Economic Empowerment Research”

  1. Oluwatosin Temitope Fayomi says:

    Need fund for Sanitary Production Factory

  2. We need funds to support the digital architecture and digtal curriculum for UNIVERSITY FOR WOMEN AFRICA. About 300,000 USD is needed.
    The establishment of (UfW – Africa) is to provide higher quality education in order to increase access of qualified young girls into the University to experience and receive a 21st Century blended education which addresses the issues surrounding gender equality and gender empowerment for inclusive economic recovery and integrated development.
    Motto – knowledge is power and possibilities.

  3. Maijidda b Muhammad says:

    I wish to apply for the above subject matter hope my application will be accepted in other to be innovative

  4. Dimackline osoro says:

    We group of women who needs funds for mattress factory that will use man power.. This will creat employment amongst kenyan women and reduce gender violence

  5. JIMMY A SOLOMON says:

    I need woman empowerment finding for my community.

  6. Ziaullah khan says:


  7. Nwosu kelechi O says:

    If given this grant we the relief society women in Nigeria Will open a nylon production factory,which will create more employment opportunities for the women.

  8. JIMMY A SOLOMON says:

    Yes there are many at rural area that they learned handy work but no capital to raise their projects to expand.
    So if the group can do it I will be great.

  9. Ziaullah khan says:

    We are from Pakistan.how can you help us in women empowerment.
    Ziaullah khan

  10. Omolara Adeloye says:

    If I may find favour,of getting fund to open a big factory of T shirt,joggers,sportswears,for school etc in mass in my state to create more employment for women at least to be able to take care of their children.I will be glad.

  11. Margaret odey says:

    I need money to open a tailoring school in order to empower the youth in my community.

  12. Titus ORNGU says:

    Thank you for the publication. We’ve seen the funding opportunities but no links on how to apply for the funds. What should we do? Thank you.

  13. Philip Nzuma says:

    How can I get a support grant for our organization we are dealing with widows, single mothers and elderly women, from kenya