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Apply Now: $400,000 for Health Services Chatbots in Kenya, Nigeria, India

By Wayan Vota on April 20, 2021

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Conversational chatbots put people at the center of care and deliver better health outcomes through sustained engagement and connection to the right health services and products.

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Often powered by natural language processing, these chatbots can capture people’s thinking and actions, helping health service providers better understand customer and patient needs and help them make informed decisions and move them toward method uptake.

$400,000 for Chat for Change Competition

The Chat for Change Challenge will support organizations that are dedicated to helping individuals make healthier, better informed decisions about sexual and reproductive health, maternal health, and vaccines.

Four organizations supporting vaccine confidence initiatives and reproductive and maternal health information services in India, Kenya, and Nigeria will receive:

  • 12-month fee-free subscription to the askNivi platform worth US$72,000
  • USD $28,000 in marketing credits to engage target audiences, plus coaching on best practices
  • Nivi Insights, a dashboard to visualize patterns, trends, and impact in their target audiences

The four organizations will use Nivi’s platform to optimize their overall impact, and improve the wellbeing and agency of the populations they serve.

Apply Now! Deadline: April 30, 2021

Learn More About Chatbots for Health

Please RSVP Now to learn more about chatbots and other artificial intelligence solutions for health at the Global Digital Development Forum on May 5.

Our amazing agenda features Nivi discussing how you can assess the scope and feasibility of chatbots for public health systems, learn about best practices in design and rollout, and identify ways to drive scale and impact within the public health system

More Innovation Funding Opportunities

Please RSVP Now to learn how you can access funding from USAID, CDC, the Gates Foundation, and other formal program donors, at the Global Digital Development Forum on May 5.

Our amazing agenda features A Practical Guide to Project Financing, where you can learn how emerging tech-enabled companies can access funding from USA-based donors.

You’ll be able to walk through the formal RFP process, and find out the steps, assets, and preparations you need to win new business with major donors and their implementing partners like these:

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    We are working on this great project
    How to protect our crops from insect and birds using drones
    We are test running on a large rice and millet farm

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