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Apply Now: $500,000 Generative AI Grants from Facebook

By Wayan Vota on October 30, 2023

Recent breakthroughs in generative artificial intelligence have captured the public’s imagination and demonstrated what those developing these technologies have long known – they have the potential to help people do incredible things, create a new era of economic and social opportunity, and give individuals, creators, and organizations new ways to express themselves and connect with people.

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This past July Meta (once known as Facebook) launched Llama 2 as the next generation of open source large language models – LLMs – to accelerate Generative AI usage . Since its release, hundreds of thousands of download requests have signaled the importance of Llama 2 to the global developer community.

Meta Llama Impact Grants

Meta Llama Impact Grants will reward organizations from across the globe that submit proposals for how Llama 2 can be applied to address specific challenges aligned with one of three tracks:

  • Education track considers how Llama 2 could promote the discovery of new opportunities to deliver more equitable education outcomes for students and teachers in communities worldwide.
  • Environment track considers how Llama 2 may be incorporated as a component of a solution to build a healthier and more sustainable world that mitigates and adapts to climate change.
  • Open Innovation track considers innovative approaches to using Llama 2 for social good, including:
    • Faster synthesis and answers from large corpuses of research, policy papers, or data sets
    • Better coding of new software applications that help understand and act in a changing world
    • Summarizing known side effects of medications to mitigate negative interactions
    • Analysis of court records to identify biases and develop more fair judicial outcomes

Finalist teams will submit technical and impact roadmaps that outlines how they would implement their solution. A panel of experts will review each finalist proposal and select awardees for each track who will receive a $500,000 reward.

Apply Now! Deadline is November 15, 2023

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