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Apply Now: $100,000 for Humanitarian Relief Action Technology

By Wayan Vota on October 17, 2023

palladium challenge fund

Humanitarian relief experts are adapting to myriad pressures exacerbated by climate change and global instability, while stretching available funding and exploring how technology can enable faster and more impactful action. This has included shifting thinking from response to preparation, early warning analysis, and anticipatory response activity.

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The potential of technology in this arena is huge. It can offer ways for communities to take control of their lives in the wake of disasters, including:

  • Artificial intelligence improving projections and decision making,
  • Social media facilitating immediate on the ground updates
  • Feedback mechanisms identifying the most critical needs
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles speeding up mapping and monitoring,

Technology for Humanitarian Action Challenge Fund

The Palladium Challenge Fund has up to $100,000 available to support projects with groundbreaking and sustainable ideas to increase the impact of humanitarian crisis response.

Successful projects will use technology – whether a new innovation or a way to scale something already tried – to improve how humanitarian response to crisis is delivered, including:

  • Pilot new technologies and innovative approaches,
  • Convene groups around innovation for humanitarian responses,
  • De-risk start up ventures targeting humanitarian responses,
  • Address constraints in the humanitarian system.

The judges will be looking for innovations that include, but aren’t limited to, early warning and predictive analytics, drone technology to aid distribution, digital cash transfers, and blockchain for humanitarian monitoring. Special attention will be paid to proposals that empower local communities and offer long-term solutions.

Apply Now! Deadline is October 27, 2023

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