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8 Innovative Educational Technology Projects in Ghana You Should Know About

By Wayan Vota on March 22, 2023

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Educational technology is enhancing teaching and learning outcomes across the African continent. Looking at Ghana, in West Africa, teachers and parents can use educational technology to help Ghanaian learners in at least five ways:

  • Providing access to digital resources: Caregivers can use online platforms, mobile apps, e-books, videos, podcasts and more to provide learners with diverse and engaging content that can supplement formal education curriculum.
  • Supporting distance learning: Teachers can use ICT4Edu solutions, mobile apps, SMS, radio and TV to deliver lessons, assignments, feedback and assessments to learners who cannot attend school due to COVID-19 or other reasons.
  • Enhancing collaboration: Teachers and parents can use online platforms, mobile apps, social media and email to communicate with each other and with learners, share information, monitor progress and provide support.
  • Promoting creativity: Parents can use games and simulations to encourage learners to explore new ideas, solve problems, create products and express themselves.
  • Reach learners with disabilities: Caregivers can leverage edutech solutions to provide access to differently abled children and enable learners to use appropriate technology independently

8 Innovative EduTech Projects in Ghana

Educational technology also faces challenges in Ghana such as limited internet connectivity, device and data plan affordability, digital literacy skills, and equity. However eight edutech entrepreneurs are overcoming these issues to ensure that ICT4Edu solutions are aligned with learner needs and the learning context of formal education in Ghana.

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Ananse The Teacher: an augmented reality app that uses gamification and storytelling to teach STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) concepts to children in Ghana. It was developed by Kente & Silk Africa, and uses the character of Ananse, a popular trickster figure in West African folklore, to guide children through various challenges and quests. Ananse At Home, deployed through the teacher app, allows learning to continue beyond typical school engagement hours. Practical lessons are conducted with everyday things to excitedly engage students of ages 8 to 14.

Chalkboard Education: is a mobile learning platform that enables offline teacher training for educators in Ghana. Founded in 2015 by Miora Randriambeloma, Adrien Bouillot, and Maud Schwarz, Chalkboard Education seeks to expand in-service and pre-service teacher training programs with universities and NGOs. It delivers customized and interactive learning experiences to educators so they can have a deeper impact in their schools.

Dext Technology: is a social enterprise that develops low-cost science kits for schools in Ghana. It was founded in 2017 by Charles Ofori Antipem, a young inventor who wanted to inspire more students to pursue science education. The Science Set is a small pack that contains over 45 components such as resistors, capacitors, conductors, bulbs that can be used to perform over 26 experiments that enables teachers demonstrate different scientific concepts to students. Over 30,000 pupils from over 100 schools in Ghana have access to the Science sets.

E-Campus: a mobile app that provides access to interactive and engaging educational content for students in Ghana. E-Campus was launched in 2016 by Cecil Nutakor, an edutech enthusiast who wanted to make learning fun and convenient for students. E-Campus web and mobile based online platform uses artificial intelligence to cover the national curriculum for primary, junior high, senior high, and tertiary levels as well as other courses such as entrepreneurship, and languages.

Making Ghanaian Girls Great!: uses solar-powered and satellite-enabled distance learning infrastructure to deliver interactive learning sessions to improve the literacy and numeracy learning outcomes of students; support them to transition from primary to secondary schools; and ensure the sustainability of the impact made. The MGCubed Project impacted over 36,000 pupils in the past 3 years.

Nikasemo: provides a gamified learning environment to keep learners engaged during studies. Learners can challenge themselves through weekly competitions and teacher created quizzes and obtain actual rewards as they keep learning. Nikasemo is currently being used in 30 schools in Ghana with over 10,000 learners and parents who spend an average of 45-60 minutes with personalized and affordable guidance.

TECHAiDE: provides appropriate educational technologies that focus on lowering the total cost of ownership with improved sustainability. Founded by Kafui Prebbie in 2011, it offers two main products: Asanka is a low-cost, low-power preloaded local content & curriculum server that connects offline learners to local content for free, with analytics to improve teaching & learning outcomes. EDULab is an appropriate and robust hardware and software solution designed to improve teaching and learning especially ICT, Science, English, Math and testing for exams.

Worldreader: gets Ghanian children reading at least 25 books a year with understanding so they can reach their potential with a BookSmart program proving provide culturally and age appropriate reading support for children aged 3-12 and a TPD@Scale program that builds ICT-enabled teacher professional development approaches and technologies with over 9,503 teachers enrolled and 40% completing the course to date.

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    I look forward to doing a demo with you and exploring ways we can collaborate to advance education in Kenya. Our products is use added by some of the biggest and top institutions in the world ie Harvard , UCLA, John Hopkins Etc

    Titus Ngeno

    • Wayan Vota says:

      Titus, thanks for the added detail on Ebix Smartclass eLearning solutions. I welcome additions to the edutech companies I researched above.