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Apply Now: $2 Million for Internet Projects in Asia Pacific Countries

By Wayan Vota on March 20, 2023

isif asia grants 2023

The challenges of improving Internet access are multi faceted and interrelated, particularly in developing countries. They include technical skills and knowledge, infrastructure reliability, and an enabling business environment. Meeting and overcoming these challenges requires innovative solutions and the involvement of local actors, who are best placed to understand their needs and requirements.

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2023 ISIF Asia Internet Access Grants

2023 ISIF Asia Grants are now accepting applications for public and private sector organizations, academia, non-profits, and social enterprise organizations across three thematic areas in 56 economies across Asia-Pacific, from Afghanistan to Indonesia to Palau to Vietnam:

  • Inclusion: Initiatives that help ensure everyone has meaningful access to the Internet, online applications and services
  • Infrastructure: Initiatives to increase Internet speed, reduce maintenance and operational costs, and improve reliability and/or security
  • Knowledge: Initiatives that develop technical capacity and/or research around Internet network operations for technical and non-technical audiences

Within these three program areas, there are additional types of grants.

  • The Ian Peter Grants for Internet and the Environment: can be across any of the three program areas and are to support innovative solutions to the environmental impact of the Internet. They commemorate Ian Peter, Internet pioneer and environmental activist.
  • IPv6 Deployment Grants are also open for organizations planning to deploy IPv6 in the Asia Pacific. IPv6 Deployment Grants range between USD 30,000 and USD 250,000. These are open all year round and are part of the Infrastructure program.
  • New applicants: Three small grants (USD 30,000 each) will be made available across any program area to economies that have not previously received ISIF Asia grants.

ISIF Asia empowers organizations across the Asia Pacific region to research, design, and implement Internet-based solutions to solve Internet development challenges that support community development and growth. Since 2008, ISIF Asia has supported 121 grants and 31 awards, allocating over USD 7.44 million to 152 initiatives across 31 economies out of the 56 in the Asia Pacific region.

Apply Now: Deadline is April 30, 2023

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