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Apply Now: $100,000 for Global South Feminist Artificial Intelligence Research

By Wayan Vota on October 18, 2021

charter feminist demands

Systemic gender, racial and intersectional bias sit at the core of current artificial intelligence processes born in the North, replicated in the South.

There is a unique opportunity with these technologies today, to not only mitigate, but correct for historic inequities buried in the data, put in the algorithm, implicit in the model, embedded in machine learning, then wired intricately in neural networks.

The opportunity, as new systems proliferate and are being designed, is to create Feminist AI that:

  • delivers equality outcomes;
  • is designed with inclusion at the core;
  • creates new opportunities;
  • is proactive in correcting inequities.

We can either seize this moment to correct bias in the digital realm, as we tackle bias in the analog world, or condemn ourselves to old bias hardwired into the future century of algorithmic decision-making.

Global South Feminist Artificial Intelligence Research

Incubating Feminist AI aims to catalyze the creation of Feminist AI by redefining algorithmic allocation and justifications, or re-engineering system thinking and algorithmic solving for proxy problems buried in the data and emerging in the tech in current social policy.

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The 2021 call for proposals from multi-disciplinary, global south teams of feminist thinkers is focused on new framework models and designs for:

  • Articulating models that are more equitable through the innovative use of big data
  • Methodology for inclusive data collection that adheres to Feminist Principle.
  • Accountable Local, National or Regional AI Policy or Governance Models
  • Intersectional fairness for multiple sensitive attributes (e.g. more than 2, race and gender and class/disability/indigenous/ethnicity etc) mathematical models.

Incubating Feminist AI seeks social science and algorithmic models that intersect with core public policy agendas in the Global South in areas such as Health, Education, Justice, Social Protection/Benefits, new algorithmic applications for Indigenous, Decolonial, Feminist Data collection or community-driven data stewardship models including Accountable Local, National, or Regional AI Policy or Governance.

Apply Now: Deadline is October 31, 2021

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