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Apply Now: $100 Million for African Startups Supporting UN SDGs

By Wayan Vota on September 27, 2021

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Africa is considered the fastest-growing market in the world. Entrepreneurship is a key driver for African development, creating sustainable economic growth that could lift millions of its own out of poverty.

In particular, Africa’s technology sector has been one of the major highlights of the continent’s economic narrative with important new innovations and disruptive business models. McKinsey predicts $5.6 trillion in African business opportunities by 2025.

Venture capital is recognizing this opportunity, Since 2015, the African continent has seen over 40% in annual venture capital growth – $2.02 billion in 250 equity rounds. However, venture capital funding is concentrated in just 5 of the total 55 markets.

$100 Million African Startup Awards

Global Startup Awards – Africa seeks solutions in financial inclusion, HealthTech, AgriTech, Fintech, renewable energy, sustainability and women-in-tech across all 55 countries on the African continent.

GSA Africa is working with local innovation ecosystem players in each region to find innovation leaders with technology-based startups that address both the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the African Union’s Agenda 2063, which strives to feed Africa, industrialize Africa, integrate Africa, and, ultimately, improve the quality of life for the people of Africa, including:

  • WOMAN IN TECH celebrates a pioneering tech startup founded and owned by a woman/women.
  • AGRI TECH is awarded to innovative solutions in food security, food production, farming methods and nutrition.
  • HEALTH TECH recognizes a startup that has initiated medical breakthroughs through innovative solutions in BioTech, HealthTech, wellness and telemedicine to improve quality of life.
  • COMMERCE TECH acknowledges the startup connecting Africa by enabling commerce using technologies ranging from mobile-commerce, e-commerce, blockchain, and cryptocurrency, to fintech, insurtech and big data.
  • INDUSTRIAL TECH celebrates the startup that is enabling Africa’s industrialization with innovative solutions for safety, mining, manufacturing, production, logistics, mobility and supply chain management.
  • ESG TECH is awarded to the startup that is enabling environmental, social impact or corporate governance solutions in areas such as renewable energy, CleanTech, sustainability, recycling, water and sanitation, human rights, EdTech, GovTech, policy and regulation, among others.

Winning startups are eligible to receive part of the $100 million GIIG Africa Fund. The startup should be less than 5 years old, have a minimum viable product (MVP), generate monthly recurring revenue, and be African-led, meaning that it must have at least one founder or co-founder on the team who is from Africa and resides on the continent.

Apply Now! Deadline is September 30, 2021

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20 Comments to “Apply Now: $100 Million for African Startups Supporting UN SDGs”

  1. Biqwums Venture says:

    How we farmers be part of this beneficiaries in all our area of each every one sepecilisations more especially we women

  2. Stella says:

    Greetings. I seem to be failing to get hold of the apply button/link/form. Please kindly advise to enable us apply as action point moving forward before the dateline. Thank you.

  3. Vinesh says:

    I need funding to
    Purchase a farm 80 million dollars

  4. Lydia Otis says:

    Most of this fund don’t get to the people meant for, what do we do? Device a means of dealing directly with the individual.

  5. Biqwums Venture says:

    Thank you, you’re very correct, but at same time am scared bcs of fraudsters & mixed up people we already have in the country now , though I have nothing @ hand o, and that’s reason why am seeking for an assistance for my Fish @ Gari processing centre to be more unique ,standard and be a support for some women, widow and youth in my community as a training center, I will be highly excited if someone like you can be of help. Good morning

  6. Jonas Khoza says:

    I have a tech-startup focusing on helping farmers, that I want to initiate, so far I am building it’s website but I struggle with finances to pay for the application. Is there any funding for business ideas?


    I need funding for agro-business project for women in Lesotho.

  8. I need funding for my fashion industry .

  9. Marx says:

    Thanks for your help with this post, but the problem is this package ends by 30th of September and the author just posted it by 27th of September.

    This is fantabulous

    • Wayan Vota says:

      Marx, I do what I can to find and promote these opportunities. Sometimes, I am not as fast in sharing them as I would like, and then application windows are small. Still, I’d rather you have the chance, than no chance at all.

  10. Eno Jonah says:

    I need funding for my Agro business. Any help?

  11. Anyanwu Joel says:

    How do we come in , we are into IOT controlled devices , applicable in homes, industries, also in agriculture

  12. Anyanwu Joel says:

    How do we come in , we are into IOT controlled devices , applicable in homes, industries, also in agriculture too

  13. Biqwums Venture says:

    Indeed cassava pealing machine,
    2, grounding machine, and fryer
    3, smoking kin,
    All this equipment in my country Nigeria here will cost #4.800,000 to purchase the local made

  14. Donald Obazee says:

    I’m a catfish farmer and I have just acquired another farm making it 2 farms now but will need financial assisance/partnership since I’m currently looking at scaling up my production.. Kindly contact me via instagram (yellowfish farm) thanks

  15. Essien Faith Mercy says:

    I am an entrepreneur am into packing of blended corn (A ready to mix drink concept)
    I get to buy little because of less capital when I have clients I can’t meet up because I don’t have available and I don’t enjoy the idea of collecting loan
    I need support I actually use this I do to support my home and also an orphanage home around where I reside
    If I am being supported with a capital I would be able to get my corns in bags and also get a grounding machine to make the work easier and needs been met.

    Thank you am hopeful

  16. Benedict Boniface says:

    Am into rice milling and to be honest I don’t have the adequate materials and I need help. Thanks

  17. We do women and girls empowerment through business and skills development.

  18. Gabriel says:

    Thanks for the update and information

  19. SHANGA Alex says:

    How is form to apply and what is criteria
    What is a roof of funding rate
    Please would like send me a brochure if available.
    My proposal is Ict for ecosystem supporting people in all ereas: rural and city connect for people vulnerable.