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Get an ICT4D Job! Africa, Europe, Central Asia, United States

By Sabina Behague on March 6, 2012

ICT Consultants: The World Bank needs several ICT consultants in the following countries: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Kenya, Moldova, and Tanzania. Consultants hired will work on one of the following activities: (1) Europe & Central Asia Regional Studies Program: Citizen-centered broadband policy; (2) Broadband Competitiveness Program in ECA; and (3) Technology for Accountability Knowledge Platform, with a focus on Africa. In order to see more details about these positions and apply, you must be associated with a consulting firm and register on the Bank’s new eConsultant2 system online. If you’re an independent consultant, you still must register and have at least one year’s proven experience as a consultant in this field. See the Devex link and then follow instructions from there. Deadline is March 8, so act fast!


Sibley International has three interesting ICT opportunities in Tunisia. This ICT Development project focuses on three main components: (1) Increase entrepreneurship and SME development and expand the role of the SME sector in driving ICT competitiveness and maximizing ICT-driven employment; (2) grow ICT workforce training and job placement; and (3) reduce policy and regulatory growth constraints. Strangely, these jobs are not listed on Sibley’s website, but you can read about them at Devex. The first position, that of ICT Advisor is, in effect, the COP for the project (deadline March 12). The second is ICT Workforce Development Advisor (deadline March 17), and the third is ICT Policy and Regulatory Reform Advisor (deadline March 12).


ICT Regional Advisor: Danya International is seeking an ICT Regional Advisor in Kenya to provide technical leadership and implementation oversight for all of the organizations ICT initiatives in the region. This exciting position will not only provide technical assistance to U.S. government agencies and partners, but will also design and lead high impact ICT strategies and implementations throughout the region. The position is based in Nairobi – see here for more information.


ICT Advisor: GRM International is seeking an ICT Advisor for the National Department of Education in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. This position offers the opportunity to develop ICT policy and procedures, strengthen the capacity of all education officials at the national, provincial, and school levels, and work closely with the Government of Papua New Guinea to develop strategies to meet future challenges in ICT. This is a two-year assignment with the possibility of a one-year extension. Application deadline is April 10. Click here for more information from Devex.


Senior Project Manager, mHealth: Pathfinder International wants to expand and institutionalize mHealth beyond individual projects into an organizational capacity for the use of appropriate mobile technology to improve health outcomes, foster innovation, and contribute to scalable, cost-effective programs. The Senior Project Manager will support Pathfinder’s Nigeria team to develop and implement the mHealth initiative throughout the country. In addition, s/he will work closely with the other units of the programs department as well as those countries that have gained experience in implementing mHealth programs. Among these and other important activities, the Senior Project Manager will design and draft the development of a Pathfinder mHealth global strategy. This position is based in Watertown, MA with 10% travel. More information is available here.


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