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How Generative AI Will Revolutionize Your Proposal Writing with Grant Assistant

By Sponsored Post on April 23, 2024

Proposal writing is always a source of stress for development professionals.

They need to identify relevant funding opportunities, write a strong 30+ page proposal, and ensure it is compliant with an ever-growing list of rules and regulations that can stifle innovation. Today, proposal writing is time-consuming, resource-intensive, and inefficient.

Now you can use Grant Assistant – an innovative human-driven solution enhanced by Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) – to transform the way you approach proposal writing.

Grant Assistant uses GenAI designed specifically for the needs of the international development community to identify opportunities and develop compelling, compliant, and high quality grant proposals, giving organizations more time to focus on developing winning solutions and supporting communities.

Improve Your Proposal Quality and Efficiency

Crafting a compelling, competitive, and compliant grant proposal can be a daunting task, particularly for organizations with limited staff resources. Proposal writing teams are under immense pressure to meet deadlines, generate new funding, and ensure their proposals lead to a positive impact on the world.

Grant Assistant’s AI-enhanced proposal workflow supports organizations throughout the entire process, from opportunity discovery to delivering winning, compliant proposals in a fraction of the time.

Grant Assistant’s proprietary proposal design module facilitates and guides human-centered proposal creation, replacing oft-tedious information gathering with collaborative, iterative solution development based on an organization’s experience and differentiated capabilities. The result is a robust solution framework that informs the team’s proposal writing.

The tyranny of the blank page is a thing of the past with Grant Assistant.

As the team refines their ideas, Grant Assistant uses AI to seamlessly integrate ideas into a proposal. When the writers are satisfied with their draft, Grant Assistant performs an automated compliance check to ensure all submission requirements are met.

Grant Assistant reduces the time and effort required to prepare high-quality proposals, supporting organizations of all sizes in competing for funding more efficiently and effectively while promoting a better work-life balance for their teams.

The Future of Proposal Writing

As the international development landscape continues to evolve, organizations must embrace new technologies and approaches to remain effective and competitive.

Grant Assistant is a powerful GenAI solution for driving innovation and impact in proposal writing. It streamlines the search for funding opportunities, improves proposal quality and efficiency, and is transforming the way international development organizations approach proposal writing.

For example, this is the Grant Assistant experience of Nick Martin, CEO of TechChange:

“A huge, game-changing bid dropped just before the Christmas holidays, due in mid-January. We thought we were going to pass on it due to our company’s holiday shutdown. But in came Grant Assistant with its AI magic. We were able to submit a great proposal during the toughest time of the year!”

Grant Assistant is ready to help you execute your next proposal. DT Global, Jhpiego, URC, and more than 20 other organizations are piloting it to create dynamic, effective, and impactful proposals in a fraction of the time taken by traditional processes.

The emergence of powerful AI-enabled assistive technology allows proposal professionals to spend less time on the painful parts of proposal writing and focus on life-changing innovations.

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