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Apply Now: $5 Million from Gates Foundation for Digital Health Projects

By Wayan Vota on March 31, 2020

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Many countries use behavior change campaigns to educate their citizenry on immunization, neglected tropical diseases, nutrition, malaria, and polio to manage the COVID-19 Digital Response to achieve large scale health impact.

However, the performance of health information campaigns is variable.  Social and behavior change communications may not realize their potential impact because they consistently miss a subset of populations, resulting in reduced equity and coverage of the health intervention.

$5 Million Grand Challenges Explorations

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation believes there is opportunity to dramatically improve the way health campaigns realize impact using quality microplanning, which specifically addresses the detailed, delivery-level planning required to reach intended populations with a health intervention.

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The Innovations for Improving the Impact of Health Campaigns grants seek innovative solutions that dramatically improve the planning and microplanning that will lead to improved effectiveness of campaigns to reach the most vulnerable populations. The Foundation will award fifty grants of $100,000 for proposals that consider the following two aspects of campaign delivery:

1. Planning and microplanning

This includes the planning processes – led by governments and often supported by partners – at the national, sub-national, facility, or community levels. Overall planning supports the mobilization of information and resources needed to conduct the campaign, and microplanning specifically addresses the detailed, delivery-level planning required to reach intended populations with the health intervention.

2. Reaching high-risk or unreached populations

This includes innovative approaches to better understand, identify, and reach un/underserved communities and unreached or “zero-dose” children. This will likely include novel tools, technologies, and methodologies to more effectively identify and reach populations at a subnational level (e.g. approaches to leverage data, maps, or other information to support campaign planning, appropriate use of targeted or sub-national campaigns, and post-campaign assessments).

Apply Now: Deadline is 22 April 2020

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6 Comments to “Apply Now: $5 Million from Gates Foundation for Digital Health Projects”

  1. I am interested in building a 2 in one classroom where i can be educating some rural people in computer skills. Where can or who can assist me financially to come up with this small stricture Am based in Zambia My email address is 0977597372
    my .

  2. Regina Mchomvu says:

    Red virus covid 19 but also provide them with protective equipment and food as many are unable to afford life from the epidemic.

  3. Daniel Ngeno says:

    I have always read good news about available funding for Health and ICT services promotion. I work among a deserving organization named TENWEK MISSION HOSPITAL that promotes the use of Digital services and treat over 29,000 patients per year. The issue was worsened when the COVID-19 over flooded the Universe. Advise on how to get Assistance that me related to these demands.

    • Axel Milton says:

      Hello Mr. Daniel Ngeno, I would like to know in which country this project was made and if it is possible to have some contact with you to exchange experiences and knowledge, because I am starting a project in my country, similar to what you did in your hospital.
      Watery your answer

  4. Daniel mwanzia says:

    I live in a remote area in Kenya where fingers and extreme poverty is the order of the day .we have formed a group of 20 people to try reach the vulnerable , we’ve tried but due to Corona ,we are loosing the grip due to financial incapacitation.please need your help

  5. Am a teacher in remote and hardship area in NAROK count Kenya a division called LOITA along Tanzania board. Around my school is a big forest. I have stated a bee keeping project of around five bee hives. Am targeting local community ( Maasai community) where am angaging them by finding funds to distribute to them in order not to destroy the forest for farming and charcoal burning activities. Am targeting 100,000 bee hives each costing $50. This will be an economic activity that will generate income for their families and help in social distancing as they will be busy managing their bee hives. A solution to covid 19. And as well safe the forest that is a source of water to major towns in the country. And will also have an opportunity as the Headteacher to educate the children the importance of self reliance.