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Apply Now: $100 Million for Digital Health Informatics in PEPFAR Countries

By Wayan Vota on January 20, 2020

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PEPFAR 3.0 focuses on achieving sustainable control of the global HIV epidemic through a focus on transparency, accountability, and impact aligned with the UNAIDS 95-95-95 targets. The strategy emphasizes:

  • Accelerating testing and treatment strategies
  • Expanding prevention
  • Using quality data
  • Supporting and strengthening country ownership
  • Leveraging partnerships with the public and private sectors

Digital health is foundational to achieving PEPFAR targets. As a result, eHealth informatics is essential to manage the volume of patient data through:

  1. Design, development, implementation, evaluation, and use of secure, standards-based, interoperable health information systems (HIS) for data-driven decision-making for program improvement;
  2. Development, implementation, evaluation and/or adoption of country eHealth/Digital Health strategies, governance, policies;
  3. Development of indigenous health informatics capacity; and
  4. Monitoring and evaluation of HIS implementation.

Ongoing support for systems governance, interoperability, and workforce capacity are most necessary especially as countries need to optimize supply chain logistics, laboratory utilization, and human resources for health staffing allocation based on site-level programmatic data; link disparate HIS to enable 95-95-95 tracking; and sustain PEPFAR’s strategic investments in HIS.

CDC RFP: Interoperable HIS for HIV Control

The US Center for Disease Control has issued an RFP for the HQ Supported Development, Implementation, Use and Evaluation of Interoperable HIS to Achieve HIV/AIDS and TB Epidemic Control under PEPFAR (HQSDIUEIHISAHATBECtIHIPGWCSuP) with the overall goal is to provide technical assistance in health informatics to PEPFAR-supported countries with the following objectives:

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  • Support host country review, design, develop, implement, use, and evaluate secure, standards-based, interoperable HIS (such as EMR, LIS, HRIS, HMIS) for data-driven decision-making for program improvement, disease surveillance, and timely and accurate reporting for key population tracking, and case-based surveillance.
  • Support host country develop, implement, evaluate, or adopt country Digital Health strategies, governance, policies (including for privacy, confidentiality, and security), architecture, and information standards
  • Support host country develop health informatics capacity within leadership, health care workers, program implementers, and local organizations
  • Support host country monitor and evaluate HIS implementation to identify effective informatics practices, document lessons learned, and share the results with relevant community

Proposers should show how they will support host government develop and sustain interoperable HIS for evidence-based country-led needs, priorities, and plans consistent with best practices and the Principles for Digital Development and of Donor Alignment for Digital Health. Country HIS implementation should:

  • Be based on National Digital health strategies, policies, and governance guidelines;
  • Use of accepted best technology practices such as data exchange and terminology standards;
  • Protect personally identifiable information through the use of privacy, confidentiality, and security tools;
  • Have adequate capacity to develop, implement, maintain, and use HIS

Apply Now: Deadline February 21, 2020

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