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Apply Now: $100,000 for Your Climate Change Resilience Solutions

By Wayan Vota on December 12, 2022

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UNICEF’s Children’s Climate Risk Index reveals that 1 billion children (nearly half of the world’s child population) are at ‘extremely high risk’ of the devastating impacts of climate change.

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Investing extensively in climate adaptation and resilience measures can provide the most effective solution to reduce children’s overall climate risk and the loss and damage of climate change, and increase the resilience of children and their communities to current and future shocks. We must adapt critical services, including water, sanitation and hygiene systems, health and education services to protect the most vulnerable from the worst impacts of the already changing climate.

$100,000 UNICEF Grants for Climate Startups

The UNICEF Venture Fund is looking to make up to US$100,000 in equity-free investments to provide early stage (seed) finance to for-profit technology start-ups that have the potential to address climate change  with new ideas for climate analytics and forecasts, greener economies, climate and disaster risk mitigation, carbon offsetting, or emission reduction.

Startups that leverage a frontier technology such as drones, blockchain, extended reality, artificial intelligence, machine learning, or novel data science are eligible if their product is registered in one of UNICEF’s programme countries, is a working prototype, has demonstrated results and is (or could be) open-source licensed.

The Innovation Fund provides money, technical support and a network to help such companies grow. Funded projects will be connected to other similar early-stage projects in other countries, which should enable projects to develop faster and better. The Innovation Fund does not take equity, instead UNICEF requires that all code, content or hardware developed and tested be open source and be publicly available.

Apply Now! Deadline is January 9, 2023

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4 Comments to “Apply Now: $100,000 for Your Climate Change Resilience Solutions”

  1. Obert Henris kayaya says:

    I’m a 53yrs old man and disabled living in a village in Zambia. I’ve been teaching farmers in construction agriculture since 2012 and I really need your help with a tractor to help me sell the service to the farmers so that they can plant early to. I thank you

  2. Lucia kabui kagema says:

    Thanks for sharing

  3. Derrick Chitechi says:

    My name is Derrick Chitechi a Kenyan living in Western area of Kenya and I equip computer skills to the youths especially teenage girls from various villages.I really desire to expand and educate them but am seeking for well wishers who can help me get more computers and IT related equipment or even funds.Thanks in advance and I be much grateful for your help

  4. Honest Nyamya says:

    Climate change is a global problem that disproportionately affects vulnerable communities, and ICT4D can be used to help these communities adapt to the impacts of climate change and become more resilient to future shocks.

    There are many ways in which ICT4D can be used to support climate change resilience. Some examples include:

    1. Early warning systems: ICT4D can be used to develop and implement early warning systems that alert communities to the risks of extreme weather events, such as floods, storms, and drought.

    2. Disaster response and recovery: ICT4D can be used to coordinate disaster response efforts, such as providing real-time information on the location of affected communities and the resources they need.

    3. Climate-smart agriculture: ICT4D can be used to support farmers in adapting to changing weather patterns and increasing their resilience to the impacts of climate change. This could include providing real-time weather forecasts and information on climate-smart farming practices.

    4. Water management: ICT4D can be used to improve the efficiency of water management systems, including monitoring water levels and predicting shortages.

    5. Renewable energy: ICT4D can be used to support the development and deployment of renewable energy technologies, such as solar panels and wind turbines, which can help communities become more resilient to the impacts of climate change.