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Apply Now: $350,000 to Advance African Digital and Human Rights

By Wayan Vota on November 21, 2022

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We need digital and human rights initiatives, projects and strategies led by African organizations that contribute towards a healthy internet. New digital solutions that innovate around intersectional approaches that surface the lived experiences of Africans. For example:

  • Grassroots initiatives that bring more women online in rural communities;
  • Art or multimedia works that highlight extractive online practices or suggest alternatives;
  • Organizations raising awareness on the impact of a lack of online privacy protections and proposing solutions;
  • Groups exploring creative online spaces for youth activism;
  • The development of an open source app that helps farmers track and increase yield.

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$350,000 In Real Life Fund from Mozilla Foundation

The IRL Fund seeks to fuel movement building efforts by a range of organizations and collectives across the African continent. It is open to those across civil society advancing digital and human rights, both on and offline. They welcome applicants working intersectionally with other movement areas like community justice, racial justice, climate justice, human rights, economic justice, or other social justice movements.

Grants up to $50,000 will be available for organizations that seek to:

  • Connect technologists, entrepreneurs, civil society and policy makers who are addressing the impact of technology on social justice issues. And, to share knowledge and perspectives across disciplines with a focus on developing values-driven solutions.
  • Accelerate the work of “front runners” of the internet health movement, especially those already connected to, interacting with, and informed by lived experience, who can speak to and represent the needs and ideals of the ordinary citizen in the internet environment.
  • Support strategic engagement and networking to increase visibility and representation of African organizations within digital rights groups, technology communities, regional and continental regulator convenings and internet governance forums.

Reviewers will seek to identify initiatives that advance a healthy internet that translates impactfully in the lived realities of their respective communities’ partners in Africa, that apply a social justice lens, and that draw connections between digital and human rights. Successful projects should reach and represent real African internet users.

Apply Now! Deadline is November 30, 2022.

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5 Comments to “Apply Now: $350,000 to Advance African Digital and Human Rights”

  1. Jackson Asimba Ratemo says:

    Wishing to make changes in communities that are less considered by the government.

  2. Good day, Jackson Ratemo, in our area of South Africa, Caledon ,our people are struggling, without proper development and food , chemistry and physics to survive daily.

    Help with real money, to change lives for real.

  3. Margaret says:

    Dear Sir/Madam, I have been applying for fund for our elders/orphans who are displaced and need assistance from your able Organizations, and for now we are unable to offer even a if you need more information I will forward immediately. Thank You

  4. Lucia kabui kagema says:

    Hi sir l have group the women deaf heip ur self group


    our people need internet, clean water for people and livestock, cheap solar power, access to affordable government services through cheap cyber services at the rural areas.
    we need funding for my start up CYBERCORE TECHNOLOGIES.