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Apply Now! $100,000 UNDP Grant Funding to Scale Your Digital Solution

By Wayan Vota on May 9, 2022

undp grant funding

UNDP created the Chief Digital Office in 2019 and observed hundreds of digital projects and challenges faced by UNDP, governments, and partners. From this experience, the CDO found three key challenges:

  • Governments and UNDP global network urgently need digital solutions. A well-designed digital solution can impact millions of lives and support populations in new and innovative ways.
  • Building digital solutions from nothing rarely works. Most digital solutions built by development professionals either reinvent the wheel, fail to adhere to the Principles for Digital Development, or fail to achieve meaningful impact.
  • Few efforts scale what already works. The good news is that proven and ready-to-scale digital solutions – that have scaled nationwide or across multiple countries – do exist. In addition to being much faster to implement, utilizing an existing digital solution can result in an average 40% cost reduction. The problem is that proven solutions are often disconnected from the needs of UNDP and governments.

$100,000 Digital X Solutions Partnerships for Scale

The UNDP Chief Digital Office will find, match, and scale proven and innovative digital solutions around the world. UN organizations, nonprofits, social enterprises, and universities with a ready-to-scale digital solution can apply to join the Digital X Solutions Catalogue.

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Digital X Partnerships for Scale Programme helps UNDP Country Offices apply for up to USD 100,000 to work with a featured solution in the Catalogue to bring it to scale in their country. In addition to being proven and ready-to-scale, the selection committee will assess and evaluate the solutions against the criteria below:

  • The digital solution solves a problem relevant to UNDP with an easy-to-understand solution and clear benefits.
  • The solution meaningfully bridges the digital divide and deeply understands the needs of the user.
  • The solution is innovative – it solves a problem in a unique way and/or does so better than what exists.
  • The digital solution has achieved a high-level of impact that is measured with indicators linked to an SDG.
  • The digital solution is safe to use technically from a code, data privacy, and cyber security perspective.
  • The team has strong experience and long-term ownership over the solution.

Apply Now! Deadline is May 31, 2022

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28 Comments to “Apply Now! $100,000 UNDP Grant Funding to Scale Your Digital Solution”

  1. Fiona Cassim says:

    Please can someone explain to me if it possible to apply for this funding to get computers laptops at my school in south africa

    • Wayan Vota says:

      You will need to show UNDP that your idea is a proven and scalable digital solution to have a chance with this grant opportunity.

  2. Hello sir
    I would like to apply for 96000 eros grant for my real estate startup project. The project inception 2010 never got any development at all. Hope for the best considerations for community benefits and self reliance.
    Kind regards
    Samuel k kores

  3. Hello, not sure whether am eligible for this but if there is any chance can I get this grant towards our project to support people that have been displaced by floods and landslides, the project also aims at giving a platform to the most affected people by climate crisis by amplifying their voice and exposing how climate crisis is affecting many people and are abandoned without support!
    I am from Uganda

  4. HASHIM IMLA says:

    I’m currently based in cape Town. How does will someone obtain this funds. I’m currently helping my displaced Somalian brothers in KZN. Their shops was carried away by the floods.

  5. Victoria Deng says:

    I have my NGO that empowers women and youth. Looking for grants to support it

  6. Olaniyi says:

    Hello, can my company in Nigeria be eligible for the grant, we are hardware ICT security company, we also do a little bit of renewable energy solutions.

    • Wayan Vota says:

      Please read the specific requirements of the UNDP grants in their FAQ and assess if their goals are relevant to your computer hardware or solar power solutions.

  7. Dayo Olorunfemi says:

    I run a social enterprise that meet the research & business development service needs of micro, small and medium sized enterprises (MSMEs) in Nigeria, with special assist on improving operations and business growth for female micro entrepreneurs & family businesses. We are currently building a multivendor eCommerce website to help switch MSMEs brick shops to an online marketplace to drive weekly sales turnover and recurring revenue for MSMEs.

    Can we apply for this grant?

    • Wayan Vota says:

      Your solution may support female digital financial inclusion and support economic development in areas that would interest UNDP. You can follow the link in the post to the UNDP application process

  8. I am in the pilot stage for my startup digital platform, we are linking retailers to suppliers. The supply chain has made the growth of retailers difficult because the middle men makes the grocery goods expensive. The trickle down effect is that communities will find it difficult to buy basic foods because retailers push this burden to them. We are in further automating payments and provide delivery services. Can such an innovation qualify?

  9. David kay says:

    I have a scalable digital solution idea that can be accepted. So how do I start so as to apply

  10. Olanrewaju Adisa Ogunniran(Larry) says:

    Hi, Am a service delivery manager at self employed, dedicated to IT Solutions, Digital development and humanitarian services to the less privileged (teenagers, youth and women) in Nigeria. I believe we are in line to your grant plans to the development of our communities.
    Can we have the other steps to follow in accessing this funds?
    Many Thanks

  11. JBDASH says:

    I have ample of scalable digital solutions employed with millions & billions by govt’s to improve governance but it’s hardly working. Hence the scalable digital solutions is: how to replace/renovate/reworked on the already digital platforms setup in millions of establishments kiosks for citizens services but actually these’re big way to loot public funds by few those in govt! My digital solutions work to find out appropriate workable solutions & as a test proven drive I need only chunk funds to showcase it on a particular area, region domain. Thanks for grants support to me

  12. mumberejofrey says:

    we as organisation we request for help our organisation.

  13. Pranuthi says:


    I work for ICRISAT a cgiar organization. We are working on crop monitoring and yield forecasting using open-source data, particularly for one district in Bihar, India. Farmers can know the status of their crops using smartphones by locating their farms. Is it possible to get funds for this project under UNDP grant funding.

  14. I would love to apply for this to support my technology that I’m formulating for my business

  15. We intend to scale – up our Education / Training program in Ghana. Our organization, TIM Technology Services Ltd started in 2001 by organization education / training for Ghanaian youth and other organizations who needed our services. So far many participants have gone through our program but we intend to expand. Again the Founder has been involved in ICT research program too, and will be glad to receive grant to scale up our initiative. Thank you for the opportunity.

  16. Fluix says:

    Can I apply as a private entrepreneur? Or it’s better to contact through a nonprofit anyway?

  17. Fawaz Linjawi says:

    Hello , Please Can you advise if UNDP can Fund A modification in POC to transform innovative Messaging channel in to improve healthcare inequalities to end infectious diseases