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Apply Now: €96,000 for African Artificial Intelligence Companies

By Wayan Vota on April 18, 2022

african Artificial intelligence funding

There is little doubt that artificial intelligence technologies will be transformational. Breathtaking advances will be made, extraordinary wealth will be created, and many of our social and institutional structures will be transformed.

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The 2022 Global Digital Development Forum will feature multiple sessions on how to use artificial intelligence and machine learning for greater social and economic impact.

However, many of these machine learning tools and approaches have the capacity for inequitable outcomes due to humans unconsciously embedding bias in AI technology during data collection, model design or end-use applications. AI uses are highlighting instances of inequitable design and impact.

€96,000 Swedish AI Grant Fund

The Swedish AI Grant Fund provides financial aid, grants, and scholarships to those who are working, researching, and/or involved in the African artificial intelligence industry and want to develop solutions that promote equality, safety, and security.

The Fund will invest €10-15,000 in pre-seed stage startups that have developed solutions and services leveraging AI, which help the human race have a better future, a future with equality, safety, and security in the field of AI. Selected start-ups will be provided with financial aid, grants and scholarships.

Apply Now! Deadline is April 30, 2022

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2 Comments to “Apply Now: €96,000 for African Artificial Intelligence Companies”

  1. Tshegofatso Mitta Naicker says:

    Good day
    I would like to know more clarity about the funding and I need to apply for it?
    Iam the founder of the Thusanong center
    The registration number is 212-722 which was established in 2018 and we currently operate at school of Unity Primary School
    And we are very new NPO and we. are lack of funding and we need the resources
    Our organization is dealing with the Social issues of the community and the organization is working with the volunteers of the age og 18 to 35 years which are unemployed. To start a new Organisation is challenging and we need the resources
    The objectives of the organization are
    1 Poverty alleviation
    2 Counseling and Refer
    3 Victims and Empowerment Programs
    4 The misuse of the Sassa cards
    We need computers, Printers, scanner and. Fax and we need to have land to build this NOP so that it may run its services in conjusive or accessible way for any one who needs assistance?
    Therefore your assistance will be highly appreciated and the community really needs our Services?
    Thank you
    Yours assistance will be highly
    Mrs Tshegofatso Naicker

    • Wayan Vota says:

      I doubt your application will be relevant. This opportunity is for Artificial Intelligence Companies that already have computing infrastructure and data analytics capacity.