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Apply Now: $50,000 for Responsible Artificial Intelligence Solutions

By Wayan Vota on April 11, 2023

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The last few months it has become clear that artificial intelligence is no longer our future, but our present. Some of the most exciting ideas for the future of both the internet and the world involve AI solutions. AI has newfound power, commercial opportunity, and a unique potential to solve the world’s most challenging problems. And now is the moment to make sure that it is developed responsibly to serve society.

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$50,000 Responsible Artificial Intelligence Challenge

Mozilla launched a Responsible AI Challenge to make sure that the future of AI benefits humanity in the right ways, creating a future where AI is developed through a responsible lens. Mozilla seeks entrepreneurs who build ethical and holistic systems – trustworthy AI – that focuses on:

  • Consumer technology projects – general purpose internet products and services aimed at a wide audience. This includes products and services spanning from social media platforms, search engines, and ride sharing apps, to smart home devices and wearables, to e-commerce and algorithmic lending, as well as artistic expressions or media creation.
  • Generative AI projects – those using transformer models more broadly. Mozilla is eager for entries that explore and address the interplay between these recent trends and the timeless need for trustworthy AI.

Early stage idea submissions will be judged on 3 criteria equally:

  1. Innovation Concept: How the proposed solution addresses a specific societal challenge or need and provide examples of how the solution could be applied in the real world.
  2. Technology/ Architecture: Technically feasible the solution is, including the technology stack the entrant plans to use and the datasets the entrant will leverage.
  3. How it will be developed Responsibly: How the solution considers accountability, agency, and individual and collective well-being and addresses the Responsible AI Guidelines

Mozilla will select 10 (ten) teams to participate in the in-person competition in San Francisco, California. Mozilla will provide the Finalists a $1,000 budget to support their costs of attending the in-person event. Mozilla will award the following prizes to three Finalists after winners are announced: 1st Place: $25,000, 2nd Place: $15,000, 3rd Place: $10,000.

Apply Now! Deadline is April 20, 2023

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