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Apply Now: $85,000 for Latin American AgriTech Solutions

By Wayan Vota on March 11, 2024

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Digital agriculture holds great potential for smallholder farmers. It can improve agricultural productivity and help farmers cope with extreme climatic events. However, Latin America’s digital agriculture tools have not reached sufficient scale yet.

$85,000 for Latin American AgriTech Solutions

Advancing Digital Innovation for Smallholder Farmers in Latin America will select up to 14 entities using agricultural technologies and digital tools (agritech) to enhance the profitability of smallholder farmers in six Latin American markets, improving their resilience to climate change and promote gender inclusivity.

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Selected entities can get these funding amounts:

  • $50,000 for recently established entities aiming to test new business and operational models, proof-of-concept ideas or existing agritech solutions
  • $85,000 for more mature entities that will receive support to scale their existing business models/services within the agriculture sector
  • $28,500 for projects that can be deployed by eligible Israeli agritech entities.

Eligible countries for this Innovation Call include Bolivia, Colombia, El Salvador, Honduras, Paraguay and Peru.

Apply Now: Deadline is 12 April 2024

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3 Comments to “Apply Now: $85,000 for Latin American AgriTech Solutions”

  1. As a director of Biotech Research Lab, I would to communicate that our research team have developed a solution based on nature – Bioinput with proteomics tools to management and control agriculture fungal diseases. We would like to tested in different fungal pathogens affecting cultivated plants in any part of the world.
    We already tested in banana and plantain crop with successful results. However, in order to produce enough amount of our bioinput to distribute for testing, we would like to apply for some funds. In case that it will be possible, please contact me at [email protected]

  2. JABO GABIRO Junior says:

    This is super great!

  3. Emmanuel Bassey says:

    My name is Emmanuel Bassey, I am an entrepreneur and a special breed of person who can make something out of nothing and run through the wall to ensure it works, I want to address the prevalent problems in the vulnerable food system by creating food products with added value in the right quality and quantity to enhance health and lifestyle. And also utilize food by-products for economic benefits. My ultimate aim is to eradicate hunger and malnutrition through my Vision and I’m confident I have the prototype to do this at ease.
    Ritnel manufacturing company has potential Viable products, 43 and Still counting to introduce to the global market based on top-of-the-line quality, and value-addition and we are not stopping there. We seek capital investment funds of $12,000 and we are projecting a 200% CAGR over 3 years with a target to hit a multi-million dollar milestone in the next 7 years. This projection is viable cause we have a working product that is viable and fulfils needs. With a conservative sales of 50 units of our product which is guaranteed, we are confident we will drive strong returns for you. With your concern, I will send my pitch deck.

    For authentication of this project, I’m ready to pitch any time, video calls or any other means of verification.