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Apply Now: $68,000 in Grants for Internet Access and Connectivity

By Wayan Vota on June 3, 2024

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The Internet is a place of possibility and opportunity. It is where we collaborate and innovate for a better world. Where we share our hopes and strengthen our bonds. It is where we work, learn, and make progress.

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We must reinforce our commitment to support communities around the world in gaining greater access to the Internet and ensuring its security and resiliency. We must keep the Internet a force for good: open, globally connected, secure, and trustworthy.

$60,000 for Connecting the Unconnected

Connecting the Unconnected Grants support communities and local organizations working to build and expand Internet infrastructure to connect people living in rural, remote, and low-income areas. This includes initiatives such as community networks, municipal networks, cooperatives, and other forms of complementary access solutions.

Communities and local organizations can apply to either build a new complementary access solution to connect the unconnected, or to expand an existing one. The funding requested for each application is expected within, but not limited to, the following ranges:

  • $40,000 USD to build new complementary access solutions to connect the unconnected
  • $20,000 USD to expand or improve existing complementary access solutions to connect the unconnected

$8,000 for Sustainable Technical Communities

Sustainable Technical Communities Grants support the growth of strong and sustainable technical communities that can help the Internet thrive by building, promoting, and defending an open, globally connected, trustworthy, and secure Internet based on local and regional needs.

Some examples of technical communities include: Network Operator Groups (NOGs), National Research and Education Networks (NRENs), country-code Top Level Domain Operators (ccTLDs), CSIRTs, among others.

Funding of up to $4,000 USD is available on an annual basis (per calendar year):

  • One per organization for local or national events
  • Two per organization for regional events

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6 Comments to “Apply Now: $68,000 in Grants for Internet Access and Connectivity”

  1. Mushimiyimana Gaudence says:

    I am interested in being provided with updates

    Rwandan Organisation of Women with Disabilities


      I am interested to hear from you regularly regarding internet opportunities for our people in rural Nigeria

  2. Denis momanyi kihuyu says:

    Im Denis from kenya working on fibre connectivity around the remote areas. Ild love to be part of the community.

  3. Wayan says:

    Sadly, the Internet Society updated their website after I developed this post, but before I could publish it, to rescind their mid-year Connecting the Unconnected funding opportunity. The Sustainable Technical Communities funds remain available.

  4. Elizabeth Mabele says:

    I would love to be connected. Im working with teenage mothers and street children in Mumias Kenya

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