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Apply Now: $250,000 AWS Credit for Digital Health Cloud Solutions

By Wayan Vota on May 27, 2024

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The World Bank estimates that more than 700 million people are unable to meet their basic needs related to healthcare and social services, broadly known as social determinants of health. Where people are born, grow, work, live, and age influence SDoH, which can be more important than healthcare or lifestyle choices in influencing health.

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Eighty percent of health and quality-of-life outcomes as well as health risks are driven by these factors. Addressing health disparities requires a multi-faceted approach and a variety of solutions due to complex underlying root causes.  Though digital health is not a silver bullet, it can be a force multiplier for organizations building innovative cloud-based solutions to remove barriers and reduce disparities in health.

$250,000 AWS Health Equity Initiative

The AWS Health Equity Initiative harnesses the power of the cloud to advance health equity globally. AWS is offering AWS Promotional Credit to selected institutions and companies addressing health disparities that impact underserved or underrepresented communities around the world. AWS will prioritize projects that specifically:

1. Increase access to high-quality, culturally responsive health services

Eligible projects can include synchronous healthcare (i.e., real-time telephone or audio-video interactions); increased access to high-quality diagnostic services; addressing bias in the diagnostic development process; and cleaning existing data sets to improve accuracy for race, ethnicity, gender, disability, or other data points that will help to advance health equity for all.

2. Promote resilient communities by increasing access to responsive social and community support

Eligible projects can include leveraging technology to improve access to social services, nutrition, transportation, housing, or economic opportunities to improve health outcomes. We will also support research to deepen the understanding of and inform strategies to address disparities in social determinants of health.

3. Mitigate the impact of climate change on health and quality of life

Eligible projects can address diverse environmental health threats in an adaptive and culturally responsive manner. Example projects can include the enhancement of healthcare worker capacity through digital and virtual reality training tools for public health preparedness. Projects could leverage technology and data to control the spread of cross-species infectious diseases, utilize geospatial analysis for mapping outbreaks, and improve equitable air quality monitoring with enhanced community access and data analysis capabilities.

The maximum request per application should not exceed $250,000 in AWS Promotional Credit. Applications from private sector institutions require a minimum 25 percent match of resources towards the total request. For example, if an applicant requests $100,000 in AWS Promotional Credit, the private sector applicant needs to provide at least $25,000 (25 percent) of their total request. Match resources can include cash or in-kind resources.

Apply Now! Deadline is June 30, 2024

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The image above is ChatGPT’s impression of multicultural software developers using Amazon Web Services to improve health outcomes in low- and middle-income countries around the world.

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