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Apply Now: $1.5 Million Grant Funding for Inclusive Digital Economy Solutions

By Wayan Vota on June 15, 2020

Automation, artificial intelligence, and other advanced technologies continue to rapidly transform the nature of work. Meanwhile, COVID-19 is expected to cause massive economic disruption, exacerbating the effects of these technological transformations. While the net impact of these trends over the long term remains uncertain, workers are contending with three undeniable challenges:

  • Many jobs require changing skill sets
  • Some jobs are precarious, with benefits disappearing in favor of contract work
  • Other jobs are quickly disappearing, some temporarily, others permanently

Low-skilled, informal, and migrant workers are most at risk of being displaced through the looming coronavirus recession and the technological transformations of work. Yet even in the face of the COVID-19 crisis, these transformations still present opportunities for new businesses and jobs.

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Grant Funding for Inclusive Digital Economy Solutions

MIT Solve has over $1.5 million in grant funding in their Good Jobs & Inclusive Entrepreneurship thematic area for technology-based solutions that:

  • Enable small and new businesses, especially in untapped communities, to weather economic shocks, prosper, and create good jobs through access to capital, networks, and technology.
  • Support workers to advocate for and access living wages, social safety nets, and financial security in order to prepare for, withstand, and recover from economic shocks.
  • Equip workers with technological and digital literacy as well as the durable skills needed to stay apace with the changing job market and economic downturns.

MIT Solve seeks innovative, human-centered, tech-based solutions to Global Challenges, that include artificial intelligence, blockchain, virtual reality, and other emerging technologies.

Through open innovation, Solve is looking for a diverse portfolio of solutions across geography, development stage, and team members’ gender and background. Anyone, anywhere around the world can submit a solution to Solve’s Challenges – as an individual, a team, or an organization.

Apply Now: Deadline is June 18, 2020

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