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Apply Now: $10 Million for Artificial Intelligence COVID-19 Digital Response

By Wayan Vota on June 16, 2020

coronavirus artificial intelligence

How can we develop and scale responsible and evidence-based artificial intelligence algorithms and data science approaches that support COVID-19 Digital Response and recovery in developing countries?

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Can we ensure that those responses are gender responsive and culturally appropriate, community specific, and based on local needs and contexts? Will such insight inform national policies that build trust in machine learning responses to epidemics and mitigate potential harms?

AI Solutions for COVID-19 Digital Response

The CAD $10 million COVID-19 Global South Artificial Intelligence and Data Innovation Program from IDRC and Sida will support multidisciplinary research to deepen our understanding of how inclusive, rights-based, ethical, and sustainable artificial intelligence can:

  • Forecast transmissions and reduce spread through public health interventions;
  • Optimize public health system responses for patient diagnosis, care, and management;
  • Mobilize machine learning to understand and support gender inclusive responses;
  • Build trust and combating mis- and dis-information;
  • Strengthen data systems and information sharing;
  • Support transparent and responsible AI, data, and digital rights governance.

Preference will be given to research organizations that demonstrate an ability to work across different contexts, directly with governments, and based in low- and middle-income countries.

Apply Now: Deadline is June 28, 2020

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3 Comments to “Apply Now: $10 Million for Artificial Intelligence COVID-19 Digital Response”

  1. Jamac Isack says:

    How can I apply this Grant’s please make me understand as possible so that I stay in Somalia in this way I would like to ensure the quality of methods this artificails health issues

    So this is important way to implementing, please send us the guidelines of this call proposal


    • Wayan Vota says:

      Please follow the link to IDRC and Sida’s call for Artificial Intelligence and Data Innovation Program innovations to apply for grant funding.

  2. Daniel Ngeno says:

    Please remember the Country of Kenya in Africa. Tenwek Hospital had it strides to control spread of COVID-19 in the area. Any financial considerations will be appreciated.