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How You Can Reach 300,000 Tanzanians with Proven Family Planning Information

By Wayan Vota on March 27, 2015


Would you want to improve family planning knowledge and effect behavior change with 300,000+ people in Tanzania, using a proven technology approach that was developed with the Ministry of Health? The you would be interested in responding to FHI 360’s call for Expressions of Interest for partnerships to sustain and scale m4RH.

FHI 360 conceptualized, developed, and deployed Mobile for Reproductive Health (m4RH) in 2010 to educate Tanzanians on their family planning options. Subscribers found m4RH easy to use and understand, and they reported increased family planning knowledge and behavior change. As a result, FHI 360 has expanded m4RH nationwide in Tanzania, developing and testing new messages to further address side effects and common rumors and misconceptions associated with different family planning methods.


FHI 360 has replicated m4RH in Kenya and Rwanda, where FHI 360 and the Rwandan Ministry of Health are adapting the basic contraceptive messages to be appropriate for young people as well as developing new messages about HIV, STIs, sex and pregnancy, and puberty.

Now FHI 360 seeks a broad range of partnerships, including partnerships with the private sector, to implement m4RH as a social business at-scale. Interested organizations may seek to include mHealth as part of their core business/activities or to add reproductive health content as a value-added service. The goal of the partnership is to make the m4RH service financially self-sustaining, while reaching a broad segment of the population with information about reproductive health.

If you are interested in having a national health impact in Tanzania, be sure to

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