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Published on: May 18 2016 by Wayan Vota

Thank you for your interest in writing a Guest Post on ICTworks. We publish insights 3x a week and we are always looking for interesting content that will engage our 16,000 Twitter followers, 11,000 email subscribers, 22,200 Facebook friends, and 5,000 weekly website visitors.

We accept one-off posts and articles published elsewhere, but those who want to engage further at the nexus of technology and development can be upgraded to their own thought leadership profile after their third published ICTworks post.

We are open to a wide variety of ideas and topics at the intersection of technology and development, including topical discussions, radical ideas, event insights, research reports, organizational profiles, and biting satire.

You can submit an idea or a finished draft, but we do keep to an ICTworks style via these guidelines:

Guest Post Guidelines

  • Technical Acumen: ICTworks subscribers are typically mid-career professionals with over 5 years experience in technology and development (more reader details here). Please skip the basics and get to the key insights.
  • Authentic Voice: Our readers appreciate hearing directly from innovators in their own voice. Please write informally, in the first person, and with direct knowledge of your topic.
  • Educational Focus: No one likes to be marketed to. Please focus on the surprises and learnings readers should be aware of, not your organization’s branding or description.
  • Persuasive Arguments: ICT4D practitioners can be skeptical of flashy new ideas. Make clear and strong points on why new technologies or methodologies should be adopted.
  • Concise Explanations: Internet time is very fast. Please keep your post to 750 words or less, with plenty of paragraph headers and bullet lists, and a key image at least 640 pixels wide

Please submit your Guest Post ideas or finished drafts via text email, Microsoft Word, or Google Doc. We’ll work with you to adapt it to the ICTworks readership.

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