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Apply Now: €20 Million in Grants for Digital Democracy Initiatives

By Wayan Vota on May 20, 2024

digital democracy initative

The digital space has become a central arena for efforts to protect and expand the democratic space. Digital technologies play an increasingly critical role in protecting and advancing democracy, they hold great potential for strengthening pluralist democracy, encouraging civic participation, and giving a voice to marginalised groups.

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At the same time, digitalisation exposes human rights and democratic processes to new risks, including restriction of free speech, shrinking digital civic space, digital surveillance, mis- and disinformation, digital attacks and persecution.

€20 Million in Digital Democracy Grants

The Digital Democracy Initiative is a global flagship programme aimed at safeguarding inclusive democracy and human rights in the digital age. The DDI focuses on support to civil society in the Global South, particularly in countries undergoing democratic regression and where civic space is under pressure.

This Call for Proposals seeks submissions contributing to one or both of the overall programme outcomes:

  • Outcome 1. Enable and Amplify: Inclusive democracy and civic space are expanded and protected through the improved use of digital technology for civic engagement by local civil society actors operating in restrictive contexts in the Global South.
  • Outcome 2. Defend and Protect: Strengthened digital resilience and security of pro-democracy civil society actors, and more rights-respecting policies and standards, safeguarding the use of digital technologies and online spaces.

This Call for Proposals has approximately 20 million Euros for three lots of €7 million each. Applicants are encouraged to submit a proposal for funding of minimum 4 million Euros with the priorities under one of the three specific lots:

  • Lot 1: Combating Technology Facilitated Gender-Based Violence
  • Lot 2: Leveraging digital technologies for climate activism
  • Lot 3: Strengthening youth engagement in the digital democratic space

The process for the Call for Proposals will be conducted in two steps: a preliminary phase, where concept notes are submitted, evaluated and pre-selected, followed by an invitation to selected applicants to submit their full proposals. Please submit your concept notes now.

Apply Now: Deadline is June 17, 2024

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The image above is ChatGPT’s impression of multicultural journalists working on digital democracy efforts in a spirit of global cooperation to inform and motivate civil society stakeholders.

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