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Apply Now: $100,000 OpenAI Grants for ChatGPT Artificial Intelligence Rules

By Wayan Vota on June 5, 2023

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Artificial intelligence will have significant, far-reaching economic and societal impacts. Technology shapes the lives of individuals, how we interact with one another, and how society as a whole evolves. Decisions about how AI behaves should be shaped by diverse perspectives reflecting the public interest.

​​Laws encode values and norms to regulate behavior. Beyond a legal framework, artificial intelligence, much like society, needs more intricate and adaptive guidelines for its conduct. For example:

  • Under what conditions should AI systems condemn or criticize public figures, given different opinions across groups regarding those figures?
  • How should disputed views be represented in AI outputs?
  • Should AI by default reflect the persona of a median individual in the world, the user’s country, the user’s demographic, or something entirely different?

No single individual, company, or even country should dictate these decisions. Artificial intelligence should benefit all of humanity and be shaped to be as inclusive as possible.

$100,000 ChatGPT Grants from OpenAI

Democratic Inputs to AI Grants from OpenAI are seeking teams from across the world to develop proof-of-concepts for a democratic process that could answer questions about what rules AI systems should follow.

OpenAI wants to learn from these experiments, and use them as the basis for a more global, and more ambitious process going forward. While these initial experiments are not (at least for now) intended to be binding for decisions, OpenAI hopes that they explore decision relevant questions and build novel democratic tools that can more directly inform decisions in the future.

To participate, teams should choose one or more questions from the provided list to showcase their proposed approach. They may also create their own questions if desired. The primary objective of this grant is to foster innovation in processes – we need improved democratic methods to govern AI behavior. The specific answers to the questions matter less than the advancements made in the process itself.

  • How far do you think personalization of AI assistants like ChatGPT to align with a user’s tastes and preferences should go? What boundaries, if any, should exist in this process?
  • How should AI assistants respond to questions about public figure viewpoints? E.g. Should they be neutral? Should they refuse to answer? Should they provide sources of some kind?
  • Under what conditions, if any, should AI assistants be allowed to provide medical/financial/legal advice?
  • In which cases, if any, should AI assistants offer emotional support to individuals?
  • Should joint vision-language models be permitted to identify people’s gender, race, emotion, and identity/name from their images? Why or why not?
  • When generative models create images for underspecified prompts like ‘a CEO’, ‘a doctor’, or ‘a nurse’, they have the potential to produce either diverse or homogeneous outputs. How should AI models balance these possibilities? What factors should be prioritized when deciding the depiction of people in such cases?
  • What principles should guide AI when handling topics that involve both human rights and local cultural or legal differences, like LGBTQ rights and women’s rights? Should AI responses change based on the location or culture in which it’s used?
  • Which categories of content, if any, do you believe creators of AI models should focus on limiting or denying? What criteria should be used to determine these restrictions?

Successful applicants will recipient will receive a $100,000 grant to pilot their proof-of-concept / prototype, engaging at least 500 participants. Recipients will publish a report on their findings by October 20, 2023. Any code or other intellectual property developed for the project will be required to be made publicly available pursuant to an open-source license.

Apply Now! Deadline is June 24, 2023

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