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Apply Now: $725,000 in Grant Funding for Data Scientists

By Wayan Vota on August 24, 2020

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$500,000 Grants for Agricultural Data Analysis

Lacuna Fund provides data scientists with the resources they need to produce new labeled datasets to address underserved populations. All datasets produced will be locally owned and openly accessible to the international community.

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The Labeled Datasets for Agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa request for proposals seeks data scientists who can label agricultural datasets referenced to earth observation (EO) data or related to other aspects of the crop and animal agricultural system for machine learning in sub-Saharan Africa.

Lacuna has grant funding up to $500,000 for datasets to address unique challenges in
mapping African smallholder farms with open source, quality data that can be used to build real-world applications.

Apply Now! Deadline: September 3, 2020

$225,000 Grants for Contraception Predictions

USAID works with local health care partners to support voluntary family planning and reproductive health programs in nearly 40 countries across the globe, ensuring that contraceptives are available and accessible to people who need them.

The Intelligent Forecasting Competition to Model Future Contraceptive Use seeks to identify and test more accurate methods of predicting future contraceptive use at health service delivery sites.

USAID will award 25,000 USD in prizes to innovators who can use USAID data and artificial intelligence to develop a forecasting model to predict the consumption of contraceptives over three months. USAID will also award a Field Implementation Grant of up to 200,000 USD to customize and test a high-performing intelligent forecasting model in Côte d’Ivoire.

Apply Now! Deadline: September 8, 2020

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5 Comments to “Apply Now: $725,000 in Grant Funding for Data Scientists”

  1. Kashandra Burton says:

    How do I apply

    • Wayan Vota says:

      Please review the two funding opportunities listed in the post and click through the links that are relevant to your organizational needs.

  2. Jamac says:

    Thanks for your grants so that can we apply this grants because our NGO is oparetes in Somalia

  3. Emmanuel Iheanacho says:

    Please how do I apply for individual grant? Or how to all this organizations.

  4. Jamac says:

    Thanks for your grants to find the quality for supporting so that MRDO requesting the new quality grants for digital agricultural in Somalia so far please advertise for us the most hrants fund supporting in small famers in riverine villages