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Apply Now: $1,000,000 for African Online Safety Solutions from Google

By Wayan Vota on August 10, 2020

africa online saftey funding

Over 500 million people have access to the Internet on the African continent – 40% of the population. Over 250 million Africans use smartphones for going online.

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This Internet, smartphone and mobile network usage has created extraordinary new opportunities for economic development. However, Internet access, especially by novice users, comes with safety concerns, including:

  • Identify theft
  • Bullying and harassment
  • Sex trafficking
  • Hate crimes
  • Terrorist recruitment and promotion
  • Mis or disinformation
  • Financial scams

$1 Million Africa Online Safety Fund

The Africa Online Safety Fund has a $1 million commitment from Google.org. It will support innovative existing and new solutions to address women and children’s online safety with two categories of funding:

  • Catalytic projects will receive $10,000 in grant funding for small, targeted, and locally or culturally specific interventions.
  • Transformative projects will receive $100,000 for large-scale interventions reaching multiple geographies

The Fund is prioritizing applications that will impact communities in Côte d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa.

Apply Now! Deadline is August 21, 2020

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13 Comments to “Apply Now: $1,000,000 for African Online Safety Solutions from Google”

  1. Elekia A. Mundia says:

    How do I apply for the grand funding of $1 Million Africa online fund? I would like to know the procedure to follow.

  2. Edward says:

    Me too! I am asking about how one can apply this $1000:0000) African online fund, i would to know.

  3. Wayan Vota says:

    In the post above are several links to the application page. Please review the requirements and review criteria before you apply to make sure your application has the best chance for success. Good luck!


    This is great if the fund is real.

  5. Christiana Inwang says:

    Excellent opportunities for Africa MSMEs

  6. Awoleye Joshua Abiodun says:


  7. Kizza William says:


    We are pleased to submit our request for US$1,700.00 (UGX 6,400,000/-) to buy 32 smart phones for 32 orphan children who are primary seven candidates to help them during this period when schools are closed and as a result of COVID-19, learning is now online. They need the Smart phones to join the WhatsApp E-learning group for the Primary Leaving Examinations Digital learning.

    St Vianney Junior School is a Christian community founded school located in Kabubbu parish, in Wakiso district in Uganda to provide free education to orphans and most underprivileged children in Kabubbu sub-parish where over 600 orphan children were not attending school due to lack of financial support from extended families or aged grandparents.

    St Vianney Junior School was, therefore, established in 2011 by the Christian community in Kabubbu Parish to provide free education, protection and support for orphan children and other vulnerable children who are living under extremely desperate conditions in Kabubbu rural poor community. Thereare32 orphan candidates who are supported by the school parents association and they are due to sit for their primary leaving examinations in November.

    We need to provide them with smart phones to be able to access e-learning while they are under the total lockdown in the country. The school is registered by the Uganda government as a community-based organization working in the field of orphans and vulnerable children to provide then with free primary education and welfare. The school registration number is WCBO/242/14.

    We are currently in need of 32 smart phones to be used in teaching the pupils who are due to sit for their primary leaving examinations. The purpose of this project is to enable the orphan children who are supported by the St Vianney Junior School Parents Association to have a chance to join the online study during this period when all the schools in Uganda are closed during the total lockdown due to the corona virus pandemic.

    The association supports orphan candidates who have reached primary seven class and preparing to sit for their National Primary Leaving Examinations this year. As pupils are under lockdown, they need a fundamental shift of transfer of knowledge and expertise and learning requires reconsideration and to redesign our formal educational system. As the government of Uganda continues to strive toward building capacity for a highly educated workforce in science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields, educational organizations have constructed frameworks that outline critical remote teaching that needs to be cultivated right from primary education in order to achieve this goal.

    One of the biggest advantages of smart phones is that they allow pupils to access information wherever they can get an Internet connection during their stay at homes in corona virus quarantine. This accessibility shall allow our pupils to study at home as the ministry of education has directed. Greater access to notes and educational tools like education programs and websites can improve student performance in the classroom.

    As the technology that surrounds us develops so will the education available in this corona virus crisis to keep the orphan pupils we support to be able to access educational materials on e-learning apps. As it stands, the smart phones are a vital tool for primary school classrooms and its inclusion in children’s daily lessons is essential to ensure the students are fully prepared for later life.

    Need for the E-learning
    St Vianney Junior School is seeking for funds to procure 32 smart phones to be provided to the orphan children who are supported by the school parents association to be able to involve in the E-learning study at home during the corona virus lockdown in the country. Study materials shall be posted on apps by our teachers so that by the time the schools are open the pupils are well prepared to sit for the primary leaving examinations like as other pupils from well off families.
    We want the pupils who study in this orphans school to be at the same level of education with other pupils in the well-off schools who take candidate classes lessons.

  8. Musiliat Arike Olaleye says:

    Thanks to the organizers of this project.

  9. I have this project dying in my hands for lack of funding. The project encompasses, security of life, properties, anti corruption, anti laundry e-commerce and insurance for Africa and the world.

  10. peter waihenya njoroge says:

    i applied for the grant i learn a workshop for motor vehicle repairs and I give piece works to the youths and attachments on those in the college doing automotive engineering.due to the covid19 pandemic the business was affected much and cash to put it back again is a problem. do you fund to such enterprises firms.