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Apply Now: $20,000 Grant Funding for African Digital Rights

By Wayan Vota on July 27, 2020

africa digital rights grant funding

Digital technologies are playing a role in enhancing Covid-19 disease surveillance, coordinating response mechanisms, and promoting public awareness. However, COVID-19 Digital Response measures could harm constituent digital rights, particularly:

  • The right to privacy and personal data protection
  • Freedom of expression and online association

Indeed, since the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, misinformation, censorship and surveillance efforts are expanding around the world. We need proactive and sustained digital rights advocacy.

Grant Funding for African Digital Rights

Many digital rights organisations, especially smaller ones, need funds to sustain their work, credible research to inform their engagements, and support for their advocacy campaigns.

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That’s why CIPESA’s Africa Digital Rights Fund has USD 1,000 to 20,000 grant funding for digital rights work across the continent through flexible and rapid response grants for work related to:

  • Covid-19 response measures,
  • How they affect the internet rights landscape,
  • How to redress any resulting harms to rights and freedoms.

Apply Now! Deadline: Friday August 7, 2020

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5 Comments to “Apply Now: $20,000 Grant Funding for African Digital Rights”

  1. Vusumuzi Mbulawa says:

    Please Notify me when Funding & new comments are added.

  2. Joseph Chege says:

    Fund me

  3. A Washington says:

    Please advise. Your notification says the deadline is August 7, 2020. The application link says the process is closed. It is now July 31.

  4. Elongima Bundu says:

    We need financial support to train teachers and students in ICT for 110 in the Moyamba district in Sierra Leone.

    The Moyamba School of Technology (SisTec Moyamba) is a global outpouring of energetic, enthusiasm, and commitment to create a new plan for our students in Moyamba district.

    The enormous challenges- but also the vast ICT training opportunities for teachers and students _ of acting on the Environment Online computer project, distinguished the issue as the most pressing topic on ICT education represent the biggest challenge to the future of humanity and the Life-support systems that make our World habitation.

    September the school of technology is coming to start with Young people in schools for Free. Registration is 100 per term.

    Please note: at the end of this 2020 academic year schools in Moyamba will be expected to increase their national commitment to the needs and important of Free ICT facilities in respect to quickly master their leaning problems.

    The time is now for your school to call greater global commitment to tackle this opportunity. We are consigning school linking to schools in UK, Spain, Sweden and other parts of the world to link your school.

    Hope to hear from you shortly.