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Apply Now: $200,000 for African Digital Reading and eBook Solutions 

By Wayan Vota on July 13, 2020

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The novel coronavirus pandemic impact on education is profound. The near-universal lockdown of 190 countries has closed schools and universities, affecting more than 1.5 billion school-aged children – around 90% of the world’s student population.

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Distance learning is one potential COVID-19 Digital Response, however in the African context it faces multiple difficulties, notably poor internet coverage in rural areas, cost, and students’ lack of technical means and funds to follow courses. According to UNESCO, in sub-Saharan Africa there is a worrying digital and remote learning gap:

  • 89 percent of learners have no access to a computer
  • 82 percent have no internet access
  • 56 million learners live outside mobile networks

$200,000 Grant Funding for African eBook Solutions

The Africa Publishing Innovation Fund has $20-50,000 USD in grant funding to support project that address the damaging impacts of COVID-19 on education in Africa. Solutions should further the African publishing industry’s digital transition with sustainable, locally-owned solutions to the continent’s myriad publishing challenges, including:

  • Increasing literacy and reading promotion
  • Promoting indigenous publishing and library collections
  • Expanding publishing industry capacity building
  • Scaling book industry research
  • Mentoring African publishers, in particular women

Apply Now! Deadline is July 31, 2020

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One Comment to “Apply Now: $200,000 for African Digital Reading and eBook Solutions ”

  1. Timothy Nzioka says:

    Dear madam /sir, my name is Timothy from Kenya and I am kindly requesting you through your organization to support a community based school in Kenya

    We admit the less fortunate children from the community and also the orphaned children whose parents died because of aids and other related diseases, the objective of the school is to uplift the standard living of the community and also the future ahead for them,

    The school is built on a church compound and is totally Run by the church and all the correspondences are done by the church, the school is registered under the Kenyan laws and all related documents we have, we have a population of 370 children from nussary school to 8 both girls and boys all from the community.

    I am kindly requesting you through your organization to support the school financially during this very difficult times of corona disease as we are affected very much by the disease financially and many more problems because of the disease,

    Looking forward to a positive reply thanks and kind regards, Timothy