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Coming Soon: Hybrid Global Digital Development Forum 2023

By Wayan Vota on December 15, 2022

gddf 2023The Global Digital Development Forum is returning for a 4th year on April 26-27, 2023. This year we will host a hybrid event, including an online conference for global participation and locally organized sessions for country-specific discussions.

Please contact Sheerin Vesin today if you are interested in:

  • Sponsoring the premier global ICT4D event that attracts over 4,000 practitioners from around the world with community-driven content
  • Organizing a country-specific session to bring global ideas into local discussions in the Pacific, Middle East, Europe, Asia, Africa, or the Americas.

Like every year, this forum will be a highly participatory, community-driven event. We will have a public call for session ideas in January so that practitioners from around the world with a wide range of ideas, experiences, and backgrounds can lead each type of session.

Prepare Your GDDF Session Ideas Now

Please start thinking of the GDDF 2023 session topics you would like to debate with your peers, with a focus on practical applications of digital technologies in development and humanitarian assistance projects. We will focus on three key areas of digital development:

  • Locally-led Development: What is locally-created tech? What role can global tech companies play? How can digital development harness local digital ecosystems? What does locally-led mean for the status quo in technology development? Where is local ICT4D successful? How can digital development foster greater diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility?
  • Climate Change: Where are we with climate tech? How do digital development practitioners respond to this mega-threat? Where are we contributing to it? Who is measuring its impact? How can we help people mitigate or adapt? Who is on the leading edge? What is working? What are they learning & doing?
  • Emerging Technologies: Can 5G increase last mile broadband Internet access? Where are we with edge computing? Are blockchains still relevant to developing countries? Do the risks of AI outweigh its benefits? Will sensors and Internet-of-Things improve geospatial data accuracy? How can emerging tech be useful in the most challenging settings?

GDDF sessions are different from the usual ICT4D conference events. Please start formulating engaging conversation topics with lead discussants from different organizations. The idea is to foster lively discussion on key questions with multiple viewpoints, not listen to rote presentations on implemented projects.

Session Idea Suggests from ChatGPT

We learned last week that ChatGPT has great ideas for digital development. So we asked it to help you think through what sessions you might want to propose for this year’s event. Its answer was good enough to share with you verbatim.

Human Prompt on Session Ideas

What topics should we discuss at a conference focused on technology and international development and humanitarian assistance?

Unedited ChatGPT Response

There are many potential topics that could be discussed at a conference focused on technology and international development and humanitarian assistance. Some examples of topics that could be covered include:

    • The role of technology in facilitating international development and humanitarian efforts, including the use of mobile technologies, satellite communications, and other emerging technologies.
    • The ethical implications of using technology in development and humanitarian contexts, including issues related to privacy, security, and access to information.
    • The challenges and opportunities of using technology in challenging environments, including in disaster zones, conflict areas, and remote or rural locations.
    • The potential for technology to support inclusive and sustainable development, including through the use of digital financial services, e-commerce, and other digital tools.
    • The role of technology in supporting the delivery of humanitarian assistance, including through the use of data analytics, remote sensing, and other tools.
    • The importance of building capacity and fostering local ownership in the use of technology for development and humanitarian purposes.

These are just a few examples of the many possible topics that could be discussed at a conference focused on technology and international development and humanitarian assistance. Other potential topics could include the use of technology to support peacebuilding and conflict resolution, the potential of technology to support humanitarian coordination and response, and the role of technology in promoting transparency and accountability in development and humanitarian efforts.

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