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Apply Now: £130,400 to Fly UAV Drones for DFID and UNICEF

By Wayan Vota on August 5, 2019

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There are multiple uses of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for aerial mapping and medical supply activities like blood and drug deliveries. However, the majority of drone tests are sporadic and isolated demonstrations rather than a fully-integrated, continuous operational process involving multiple different stakeholders

Extended UAV Drone Demonstration in Malawi

DFID and UNICEF are interested in using drones for aerial mapping and medical supply chains over several months in Malawi, to gather solid evidence on the efficiency of drone flights on health outcomes. USAID will also be running a separate, parallel drone operation, and the two interventions will for the basis of a recommendation on how to further develop sustainable drone operations with donors.

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The Frontier Technologies UAV Invitation to Tender has £130,400 GBP for interested parties that can deliver the following healthcare services, inclusive of the drone technology and the staff to manage it.

  • Drone Medical Delivery: Run regular deliveries of medical commodities such as vaccines, medicines, and other supplies to remote areas that are not well connected through regular transport infrastructure.
  • Data Acquisition: Automated drone mapping missions to gather large amounts of aerial data, suitable for post-processing with a photogrammetry software for flood modelling, mosquito breeding site identification, watershed monitoring, and similar.
  • Sustained Operations: Run the UAV operation over a minimum of 4 months in Malawi, with a preference for 6 months.
  • Capacity Building: Teach local pilots and support staff to promote long-term sustainability with the newly established African Drone & Data Academy.
  • Cost Structure: Share relevant cost information such as breakdown of cost per delivery, cost per 1 square kilometer mapped, taking into consideration the economies of scale, and other relevant financial and performance data or any other implications for cost.

Apply Now! Deadline: August 30, 2019

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