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Apply Now $600,000 to Close Digital Divides in Morocco, India, and USA

By Wayan Vota on February 28, 2022

digital divide

Most technology systems were built to serve wealthy majorities who have rich digital access and literacy. This creates a digital divide that separates the already advantaged from everyone else. During the COVID-19 pandemic the digital divide became crystal clear as education, healthcare, and economic opportunity moved further online.

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The pandemic did not create the digital divide, but it has certainly exacerbated it. Communities who have historically experienced marginalization continue to be denied the representation, education, and resources necessary to grow and thrive in the digital economy. Sadly, this means that more families than ever are falling behind in an increasingly digital world.

Inclusive access to infrastructure, technology, and literacy that bridge the digital divide are fundamental human rights.  Digital inequity is a critical challenge that requires us to work together to find solutions and support efforts that are closest to the communities themselves. By improving digital equity for marginalized communities among us, we will build a better connected world for everyone.

$600,000 Digital Equity Accelerator

The Digital Equity Accelerator from the Aspen Institute and HP Inc. will advance nonprofits working on the frontlines to close the digital equity gap and ensure connection for all. The Accelerator will supercharge organizations working to improve access, literacy, representation, and skills for marginalized and underserved populations, including:

  • women and girls;
  • ethnic, racial, and religious minority communities;
  • aging populations;
  • people with disabilities;
  • educators working with these groups.

Established nonprofits in the United States, India, and Morocco are invited to join a pilot, four-month, virtual program to scale their on-the-ground efforts to advance digital equity. Two participating organizations from each country will be awarded over $100,000 as a cash grant, plus innovative technology from HP.

Apply Now! Deadline is March 21, 2022

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