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Please Submit Your Session Ideas for Global Digital Health Forum 2020

By Wayan Vota on June 17, 2020

Global Digital Health Forum 2020

Please submit your session ideas for the first Virtual Global Digital Health Forum by July 2, 2020.

We are shifting the Global Digital Health Forum 2020 to an online format, allowing for more participation from those who would usually be limited by travel factors such as funding and visas, which are exacerbated by the global COVID-19 pandemic.

The Forum will be held on December 7-9, 2020, and additional logistical details will be shared as we sort them out.

Digital Health: Making it work for everyone

Digital health can be the great leveler – it can give anyone access to information about health and disease.  But sometimes, it can unfairly exclude.

  • How do we give opportunity to the poorest of the poor, people in fragile settings, women, young people, people with disabilities, and people with diverse sexual and gender identities and expressions?
  • How do we make life easier for overburdened health care workers and caregivers who are caring for the whole child, not just the “ill’ part of the child?
  • How do we address these issues alongside the realities of pandemics, like COVID-19, and climate change, that are changing our lives on a daily basis?

Please submit your session abstracts to explore these issues and more in TED-style talks, panel presentations, hands-on workshops, deep-dive lab sessions, the interactive “Appy Hour”, vendor tables, and poster sessions along these tracks:

  • Digital Health for Clients
  • Digital Health for Healthcare Providers
  • Digital Health for Health Systems Managers
  • Strategic Planning, Financing, and Capacity Building
  • Health Information Systems Architecture
  • Lessons From Other Fields
  • Cutting Edge Technologies

Obviously, we expect many sessions to focus on COVID-19 Digital Response, yet there will still be space for discussions that extend beyond the current pandemic into longstanding issues and new innovations that meet emerging challenges.

Apply Now! Deadline is July 2, 2020

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2 Comments to “Please Submit Your Session Ideas for Global Digital Health Forum 2020”

  1. Vange ondey willy says:

    Covid-19: la pendemie est là. Nous devons vivre avec comme toute autre maladie en utilisant les mesures préventives et vaqué à nos occupations. Mais les informations diffusées sont politisées. Alors que la maladie c’est la science qui doit être intègre. Mais les scientifiques commence à faire le jeux des politiciens, ce n’est correct.
    Et grave là où l’économie est faible, après cette période, nous aurons de crise qui ne dira pas son nom. Et là il y aura une croissance de criminalité, banditisme, violence.

  2. Konan N'guessan says:

    This is a good topic. I will be there