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Apply Now: $15,000 Grants for Your Educational Technology NGO

By Wayan Vota on May 25, 2020

tech4teach grant funding

The global coronavirus pandemic has closed all schools and universities in 192 countries, affecting more than 90% of the world’s learners: almost 1.6 billion children and young people.

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This is creating an amazing burden and opportunity for educational institutions to quickly adopt technology solutions, or quickly accelerate their technology integration plans, and overall, be part of the COVID-19 Digital Response.

$15,000 Grants and Free EduTech Consulting

Team4Tech is a Silicon Valley-based nonprofit organization that provides $15,000 grants and free capacity building to help organizations improve educational and entrepreneurial opportunities for underserved learners.

Team4Tech’s ICT4Edu approach is based on research that shows that the combination of teacher training and educational technology used for interactive learning and authentic applications can have a significant positive impact on learning outcomes.

Team4Tech is now recruiting NGO partners for long-term engagements. They work with nonprofit partners for three to five years, because they know that sustainable change in education takes time. Engagements start with either:

  • On-site Support: 8 weeks of virtual preparation from 8 to 10 volunteers for 2 to 4 hours per week, followed by 10 full-time days on-site, depending on travel guidelines, and up to $15,000 in matching grants
  • Virtual Support: 10 weeks virtual support from 10 to 15 volunteers for 2 to 4 hours per week and up to $15,000 in matching grants

Please RSVP now to join them for an info session on Wednesday, June 3rd 7am – 8am PST to learn more about how Tech4Teach can help your edutech NGO reach more students now and in the future.

Apply Now! Deadline is June 30, 2020

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24 Comments to “Apply Now: $15,000 Grants for Your Educational Technology NGO”

  1. Ellis Asamani says:

    We are a young technology startup Incubator in Ghana, West Africa, interested in getting updates on how to get USAID grants

  2. Kwaghbo Richard says:

    Thank you ICT WORKS for what you’re doing helping those who cannot easily get help. God bless you. Please I need an educational grant to study a Help Desk course. How do I apply?

    • Thanks for your interest. Team4Tech grants are specifically for nonprofit organizations to help amplify their impact, so unfortunately cannot support individuals. Best of luck!

  3. Liz Uimbia says:

    We are a startup company in Nairobi, Kenya in elearning we have been actively learning with our students virtually. I look forward to this kind of support it’s what we need.

    • Sounds great, Liz. Please fill out an expression of interest on the Team4Tech website, if you are interested in applying. We are also hosting an information session on June 3rd if you’d like to learn more. You can register on our site.

  4. I am a computer science student at Sunyani Technical University-Ghana, I want to apply for Grant how can I apply. I want to establish basic school in my community in Ghana to help pupils to acquire technology and Science field. I need NGo to help me to establish this institution.

    • Thanks for your interest, Adu-Twum. To ensure sustainability, Team4Tech partners with already established NGOs, who are reaching at least 700 unique beneficiaries per year, to help them amplify their impact. Sorry we can’t be of more help in setting up your new NGO. Best of luck!

  5. We are a fuel technology startup company in Nigeria. With adept and strategic impact in the last few months, we have been able to penetrate and make a swift impact on few companies who allowed us demonstrate our cutting edge Solutions. We need financial support to expand. How can we benefit from these opportunities please?

    • Wayan Vota says:

      Tokunbo, I am not sure this educational technology funding opportunity is for your efforts. Fuel technology seems outside their remit. I would suggest looking at USAID DIV


    We are DIGISOMO digital education company providing digital learning station school children from Kenya’s slums. How do you apply for this funds?

  7. karima rahimyar says:

    I am Karimeh Rahimyar, the head of the Afghan Women’s Educational and Vocational Services Institute, and because of my work in the education sector, I wanted your help to benefit from this institution.

  8. Alice says:

    Alice head of a primary school in my locality . l want to know if the NGO will be of good help . Thanks .

    • Thanks for your interest, Alice. Team4Tech funds established NGOs that are focused on improving education for at least 700 learners per year. Please fill out an Expression of Interest using the link in the article if you meet those criteria. Thanks!

  9. Lawrence mpiima says:

    I wish to get grant because am planning to setup a basic IT institution

    • Thank you for your interest, Lawrence. To ensure sustainability, Team4Tech provides support for education-focused NGOs who already have a demonstrated track record over at least 3-5 years. Please feel free to apply in the future, once you get established. Thanks!

  10. I am Barnabas C Peter, I wish to apply on behalf of Barnabas Charity Outreach to provide education for poor children in our communities that are living without no hopes

    • Thank you for your interest, Barnabas. Please fill out an Expression of Interest using the link in the article if you are reaching at least 700 children per year. Thanks!

  11. STEVEN says:

    We’re Young farmers from Uganda in East Africaextending farming services to rural farmers through technology in this pandemic of covid 19 we are so much interested in the grants

    • Hi, Steven. Thanks for your interest. Team4Tech is focused on improving education quality with technology, so agriculture is currently outside of our remit. Sorry about that!

  12. I apply on behalf of my Rural education system for our children to learn at least something due to the covid 19 pandemic. No school. Kindly, Help. Kenyan children are suffering their skill for learning.

  13. Barbra says:

    I am an IT student in one of the reputable universities in Uganda. Am supposed to write my final year research towards my graduation. I kindly request you give me a chance to work with you on any pending ICT research paper especially in the health or education sector. I am free and available to work with you on a research project which will not only lead to my graduation but also get implemented thereafter especially in regard to frameworks, models inline with the SDGs