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Apply Now: $10,000 African Digital Rights Grants for Small Teams

By Wayan Vota on May 1, 2023

africa digital rights grant funding

Digital development is pivotal to improving livelihoods and promoting human rights on the African continent. As of January 2022, the continent had around 570 million internet users in 2022, a number that more than doubled compared to 2015, with Morocco at the highest internet usage rate of about 84.1 percent, while Eritrea had the lowest of about 1.3 percent.

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However, with rising digital rights violations (arrests and intimidation of internet users, network shutdowns, and a proliferation of laws and regulations that hamper internet access and affordability), the potential of digital technologies to catalyse free expression and civic participation or to drive innovation is under threat. We must support organisations working to defend and promote digital rights.

$10,000 Grants from Africa Digital Rights Fund

Many digital rights organisations, especially smaller ones, need funds to sustain their work, credible research to inform their engagements, and support for their advocacy campaigns. That’s why CIPESA’s Africa Digital Rights Fund has USD 1,000 to 10,000 grant funding for digital rights work across the continent through flexible and rapid response grants for work related to:

  • Data governance including aspects of data localisation, cross-border data flows, biometric databases and digital ID
  • Digital resilience for human rights defenders, other activists and journalists
  • Censorship and network disruptions
  • Digital economy
  • Digital inclusion including aspects of accessibility for persons with disabilities
  • Disinformation
  • Online violence against women
  • Platform accountability

The Africa Digital Rights Fund initiative which provides rapid response and flexible grants to organisations and networks to implement activities that promote digital rights, including advocacy, litigation, research, policy analysis, skills development and movement building. Since its launch in April 2019, the ADRF has to-date supported 52 initiatives with a total sum of USD 649,000 across 39 African countries and contributed to building capacity and traction for digital rights advocacy on the continent.

Apply Now! Deadline is May 5 2023

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