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Which Are Better: Open Source or Proprietary Twitter Hashtags? #FOShashtags

By Wayan Vota on April 1, 2014


Hashtags are the communication currency on Twitter, and since their introduction into the #ICT4D community by @Kiwanja, the father of modern ICT4D, they’ve been freely created and shared as Open Source technology. However, with @JSelanikio‘s recent copyrighting of #MagpiSolvesEverthing, a new form of proprietary hashtags have emerged.

The Open Source community, along with many practitioners working on the ground, have expressed concern over this development:

  • How will underserved communities access and appropriate closed-sourced hashtags?
  • What new training or capacity building will beneficiaries constituents need to navigate this new digital/legal realm?
  • Could youth-focused organizations leverage hashtag emergence on Facebook to inspire young people to be hashtag infomediaries in rural areas?
  • Should we insist on #FOShashtags in all publicly funded interventions?

These questions currently have no answer, and are creating a crisis in hashtag confidence. Please RSVP now via #FOShashtags to join us for the next ICTworks Twitter Chat, where @Wayan_Vota, the official #ICT4D Hashtag Evangelist, will moderate a debate with noted experts on this mission-critical issue:

We’ll hear from:

  • @JSelanikio on the superiority of proprietary hashtags in development
  • @KarlWBrown on Open Source hashtags as the foundation for inclusive development
  • @Meowtree on the role of online-offline hashtag mediation by youth
  • @MattHaikin on recycled Open Source hashtags for rural populations
  • @SteveSong on the corporate conspiracy to privatize hashtag whitespace
  • @KRoggemann on #scaling #the #use #of #hashtags #in #private-#public #partnerships
  • @Integrilicious on transparent hashtags as a driver of accountable government
  • @GLaM_Leo on innovations in open, gender friendly hashtagging technology
  • @IThorpe on the need for hashtag inclusion in the Post-2015 agenda
  • @JamesBT on the death of hashtags as a form of development assistance

Our goal is to surface collective resilience to hashtag insecurity across the developing world, with a special emphasis on emerging economies.

FOSS vs. Proprietary Hashtags
April 1st Twitter Chat
12-noon Eastern Time
Oval Office (Blue Room)
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC, 20036

Please RSVP now via #FOShashtags to be confirmed for attendance. Seating is limited for this in-person only event, and once we reach our 5,000,000-person capacity there will be a waiting list.

Big thanks to @Fortuny for this topic idea

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