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By Wayan Vota on June 11, 2012

Like ICTworks on Facebook. Yes, we know you hear that often, and usually it’s some hollow gimmick to game folks into inflating a like count. But we have something better.

We Post High-Quality Links on the ICTworks Facebook Page

We scour the Internets for interesting reports, projects, and events in ICT4D. The best become blog posts that you read three times a week on ICTworks.org. Still, there are dozens of other good nuggets of information and innovative ideas that we find and share via our Facebook page, like:

  1. The core technology of India’s $35 tablet computer
  2. Zimbabwe’s mobile phone coverage map, complete with 3G and 4G locations
  3. Hardware deployment fails, which are outright hilarious
  4. Tanzania’s ICT text for students – so sad its almost funny
  5. Code4Kenya scholarship announcement (its still open – apply!)
  6. An intra-Africa fiber optic network map
  7. And many more…

In short, we are now using our Facebook page as a quick way to note what’s worthy around the world in leveraging ICT to increase the social and economic advancement of the developing world. Like our page and you’ll get these links and more as we find them.

For those on Twitter, follow us here and you’ll get notified when we post to Facebook.


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