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Twhii: a great Twitter client for Java phones

By Wayan Vota on June 8, 2012


Twhii is a new Twitter client for Java phones. Mr Mobility says:

For a Java app, Twhii is impressive. It gives advanced Twitter users all the flexibility that they need, and it is also perfectly usable by more basic users. Links in tweets, mentions and DMs are clickable to launch the built-in web browser on your phone. Version 0.9.22 is very stable, the interface is light, breezy and easy on the eyes and comes highly recommended.

Twhii was developed by Opeyemi Obembe (@kehers), a Nigerian technology entrepreneur. If you have any doubts about Naija code talent, just listen to Opeyemi describe how Twhii came about, as related to oTeKbits:

I always run on a java phone either as a first or second phone and as a twitter lover, I’m always on it via the mobile site. Unfortunately, the twitter mobile site has its deficiencies and I had to look out for alternatives. As a hacker and having toyed with the twitter API, writing a simple JavaME twitter client was on my mind but from past experience (the ever changing API and the whole features needed for a full client), I decided against it. [Once motivated] the first working Twhii prototype took around a week with inspirations from Dabr (simplicity) and metroTwit (UI). It is 100% self hand-coded (no frameworks) except for the JSON, OAuth and (later) Gzip libraries. For now, the primary focus is getting the app stable and compatible across all JavaME platforms.

So what are you waiting for? Download Twhii today!


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