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Apply Now: TechGirls Interactive Technology and Computer Camp

By Wayan Vota on December 5, 2022

apply now techgirls

The global gender gap in technology is sadly very persistent. Women and girls are underrepresented in technology ownership, digital literacy, and STEM skills of all types. Hence, we should celebrate and promote every program that will empower and inspire young women from around the world to pursue careers in science and technology.

TechGirls Interactive Technology and Computer Camp

TechGirls is an international summer exchange program designed to connect and support the next generation of women leaders in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics by providing them access and opportunities to advance their skills and pursue their dreams.

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The core of the TechGirls program is a 25-day experience in the United States in partnership with Virginia Tech University. Participants will engage in an interactive technology and computer camp, then travel to one of the following cities (Austin, Chicago, Cincinnati, Denver, Detroit, or Seattle) for community and career exploration.

In 2023, the program will support 111 young women from 35 participating countries/territories and 15 U.S. peers in a dynamic four week U.S.- based experience with a 7-month mentoring program (including pre- and post-exchange). TechGirls have gone on to train over 5,800 other girls in digital and leaderships skills, including computer basics, robotics, film making, building websites, app development, and data analysis.

Apply Now! Deadline is December 16, 2022

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6 Comments to “Apply Now: TechGirls Interactive Technology and Computer Camp”

  1. Everlyne kiwanza says:


  2. I would really love to join this community because it is a community of inspirational women in Tech. Seeing that I’m just migrating to the tech space, I’m looking for opportunities to make the transition from nursing to data analysis/science easier with a community of like-minded individuals.

    I’m still in the process of learning data analysis. I’m learning SQL, Excel, Phyton, and Tableau with a private tutor and using other online resources. I’ve also tried to reinforce my knowledge by taking courses on Udemy, Ustacky and 365 data science.

  3. Salome njeri mbugua (Salma) says:

    Iam looking forward to joining this noble tea3to acquire more skills and knowledge to be able to guide me on my work and interactions in field works,,as well as enable my work to be more sufficient working with girls and women… Kindly consider me…

  4. Carolyne says:

    My daughter interested(form 2)

  5. Feruz Kedir says:

    I Interested to get this opportunity

  6. Damilola Onayiga says:

    I am interested