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Apply Now: $50,000 for Your Storytelling Data Analysis Visualization

By Wayan Vota on January 30, 2023

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Data visualization can be important to humanitarian aid organizations because it can help them to better understand patterns and trends in the data related to the areas and populations they are trying to assist. Such as identifying outliers, anomalies or patterns which are hard to identify in tabular formats. This can help them to identify areas of greatest need, allocate resources more effectively, and measure the impact of their interventions.

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Additionally, data visualization can help to communicate information about humanitarian crises to stakeholders, including donors, policymakers, and the general public, in a way that is easy to understand and can help to raise awareness and mobilize support. This is especially important when communicating with stakeholders who may not have a background in data analysis.

$50,000 World Data Visualization Prize

The World Data Visualization Prize is a global creative data challenge for creative, intuitive data-visualizations that tell a story or reveal interesting trends about the past, present and future of the data set. The Prize is interested in knowing:

  • How well has the world progressed and improved in recent years?
  • Where do we stand right now and how could we measure that?
  • And what factors and drivers might shape society, government and citizens of the future?

The competition is open to anyone interested in design, data analytics, and visual storytelling – designers, developers, creative professionals, or analytics ninjas. The winning works will receive $50,000 in cash prizes, international press coverage, and the chance to have their work exhibited to world leaders at the World Government Summit in February 2023.

Contestants can visualize one or all three of the following competition concepts and datasets:

  • What Just Happened? Charting development across many different metrics over a 10 year period to highlight the successes – and the bottlenecks.
  • Dashboard of the Present Future. Governments need to see how well they, their nation and their populace are doing – from a data-perspective. Design a data display showing how governments can view their nation and populace.
  • The Future of Frontiers. What factors and drivers might shape the society, government and citizens of the future? How to track and visualize progress and predictions for innovation in adaptation, future governance, public services, and social technology.

Apply Now! Deadline is February 1, 2023

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