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Please RSVP Now: How Can We Use Drones for Development?

By Wayan Vota on January 8, 2014


We all know the military and surveillance applications of drones, and we can dream of Amazon Prime Air, but how can unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) be used to improve peoples lives? What innovations with remotely piloted aircraft will accelerate social and economic development?

Could we deliver medicines via drone? What about finding poachers from the air? Or monitoring the impacts of climate change? And could we speed up disaster response?

Please RSVP now to join the next IREX Tech Deep Dive where we’ll examine the current and potential role of drones in development with the aim of answering questions like:

  • What are the current and near future capacities of UAVs?
  • How can we use these functionalities in development?
  • What are the issues and ethics involved with UAVs?

To help us navigate UAV usage, we’ll have five thought leaders sharing their knowledge and opinions:

  1. Jessica Leber, Fast Company, Co.Exist
  2. Matthew Schroyer, Professional Society of Drone Journalists
  3. Tom Snitch, University of Maryland’s Institute for Advanced Computer Studies
  4. Paola Santana, Matternet
  5. Timothy Reuter, Drone User Group Network

Please RSVP now to join this active, practical event. We’ll have an overview of the state of UAV technology and usage, a lively brainstorming on potential projects, and small teams creating drone project designs and a framework to use with future drone deployments in development. We will even have a drones hands-on for those wanting to test out their piloting skills. You’ll go from talk to action in just one morning!
Note that this event is in-person only, and RSVP is required to attend.

Drones for Development
IREX Tech Deep Dive
8:30 am -12:30pm
Wednesday, January 22nd
Washington, DC, 20005

Excited? Then check out our curated list of resources to deepen your understanding of the issues and possibilities of drones in development.

About IREX Tech Deep Dives

IREX Tech Deep Dives are an interactive discussion series on technology for development hosted by the Center for Collaborative Technologies at IREX in partnership with Kurante.

We convene small groups of established experts to have critical and substantive discussions on the application and impact of new and emerging technology solutions and their relevance to international development.

Participants will gain new insights on current technology trends and gain practical insights they can apply immediately, and over the long term. RSVP now to join us!

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