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Get a Dream Job in ICT4D and Fulfill Another News Year’s Resolution

By Wayan Vota on January 10, 2014


Do you love your job? I mean really love your job? Or do you go to work every day because that pays the bills? Might it be time to look for a dream job? One where you look forward to your work. Where it doesn’t even feel like “work” but more like a dream that pays. Then its time for you to think long and hard about the ultimate dream job in ICT4D:

Dream Job: Chief Technology Officer, Inveneo

Inveneo, where I used to work and who sponsors ICTworks, is looking for a Chief Technology Officer to lead its engineering team and guide the technical vision of the organization. Inveneo is a unique organization for sure, and this position requires a diverse set of skills.

Along with deep technical knowledge of ICT for education, wired and wireless networking, and IT project management, you will need to have team-building and leadership skills to build both hard and soft technical skills to those you work with in the developing world.

Your reward is participating in activities like this, which will change your life – I guarantee it. Working at Inveneo is still the greatest job I’ve ever had.

Other ICT4D Dream Jobs

Now maybe Inveneo isn’t your dream job, and that’s okay, we all have different dreams. To help you find yours, I send out an ICT4D Jobs List email most weeks with 15-20 new job opportunities like these:

  1. Love everything mobile? FHi360 is looking for a Mobile Application Developer to work on mobile-centric development programs
  2. engageSPARK wants a “Rock Star for Social Good” Chief Technology Officer for their program in Cebu, Philippines.
  3. GSMA mWomen is looking for 2 consultants – one for technical literacy program and one for Pacific area baseline study
  4. TechChange have several open positions including an Instructional Technology Designer, a Full Stack Web Developer, and a Software Engineer.
  5. Making Cents needs a Technology Specialist to help develop financial services, market access, and workforce development services for youth and women
  6. FrontlineSMS is looking for a range of skills and experience for their openings: SIMLab Senior Developer, Scrum Master/Agile Analyst, SIMLab Chief Engineer, :Credit Project Director, :Governance Project Director, and last but not least Chief Financial Officer.
  7. Tired of job searching? Apply for CU-Boulder’s ATLAS Master of Science degree in ICT4D.

Like them? Then subscribe to the ICT4D jobs list today and be living your dreams tomorrow!

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