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Which ICT4D Solution is Best for Your Project?

By Guest Writer on May 8, 2019

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When you buy electronic hardware like mobile phones or laptops, you check reviews, comparisons, test videos, and other resources typical for consumer products.  That was not the case for digital development services, devices and platforms. Until now.

Kopernik published the first Impact Tracker Technology Catalog in 2013 and updated it last in 2016.  This amazing resource formed the basis for Plan International’s “Digital Solutions Portfolio,” a selected catalogue of tried, tested and supported digital solutions which are easily accessible for the field staff in the organization.

New & Improved ICT4D Impact Tracker Catalog

Kopernik and Plan International have updated the Impact Tracker Catalog with the latest information on common digital goods that can benefit the wider international development community. You can now find fresh information on digital data collection tools, SMS and IVR platforms, GIS tools and more.

Since needs of organizations and projects vary across agriculture, health, education, and other fields, the results can now be re-arranged by using several filters. Just give it try and play around.

Focus on Open Source Software

In line with the Principles for Digital Development, this update features an additional emphasis on open source technologies, which is reflected in the accessibility scoring.

However, it is important to note that “Free and open source” doesn’t always mean no-cost, turn-key solutions ready for immediate deployment. Open source solutions sometimes require people with specific skills, such as IT programmers, who can use open source tools to build something useful for organizations.

Whether a nonprofit or social enterprise has the in-house skills to help use such tool should be taken into consideration.

Free ICT4D Solution Selection Tool for Everyone

Our hope is that the updated, dynamic site will be as useful as possible for a wide range of organizations planning to adopt digital solutions in their programs. We also wish that this, together with other sources, makes it a bit easier for organizations to build or update their own Digital Solutions Portfolios.

There is a constant search for new and innovative solutions and that’s OK. However, quite often the best bang for the buck comes from scaling already existing and proven technologies across the international development sphere.

Let’s make it easy for our staff to pick winners we know will help them today.

By Mika Välitalo, Senior Specialist on Digital Development and Innovation, Plan International Finland


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