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Please RSVP Now: How You Can Support Global Coronavirus Response

By Wayan Vota on March 9, 2020

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The USA government has passed coronavirus legislation directing $8.3 Billion in new funding for COVID response in the USA and around the world through CDC and USAID. Hundreds of millions of dollars will soon be available for global disease detection, rapid response, public health infrastructure, and economic stabilization.

How will donors, governments, and health workers use this emergency funding to slow new infections and respond to over 100,000 confirmed coronavirus patients in 97 countries?

RSVP Now for COVID Response Workshop

Please RSVP now to join a special convening of the Global Digital Health Network to explore how we can support the COVID-19 response, on Thursday, March 12th – online and in-person thanks to JSI and IntraHealth International.

We expect global participation from over 100 donor, government, and health workers who are looking for coronavirus response solutions for low- and middle-income countries around the world.

Our interactive workshop will start with an update on COVID-19 and coronavirus infections, including the latest information on how its spreading and what’s effective in reducing its impact. We’ll hear from government health experts in LMICs on what national health systems are doing to prepare and mitigate COVID-19 impact. We’ll also revisit lessons learned from the West African Ebola response.

Next we’ll break into small working groups to explore the challenges in responding to coronavirus, and identify use cases where digital development solutions like these can be utilized in COVID response. Finally, we’ll hear from solution providers on key disease response innovations, and wrap up with ideas on the way forward.

COVID Response
Thursday, March 12
8:30AM – 12PM EDT
Worldwide Online
RSVP is Required to attend

Please RSVP now to join us to be part of a defining event in COVID response. You can submit your technology solution for COVID response workshop consideration and add relevant resources to our background reading list so we can all be prepared for the discussion.

More COVID Response Resources

The corona virus is a global infections disease epidemic and we are exploring how digital development solutions can be used for COVID response by donors, governments, and health workers with posts on related issues, including:

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6 Comments to “Please RSVP Now: How You Can Support Global Coronavirus Response”

  1. Hernan Velasquez says:

    Como se puede participar desde Sudamérica

  2. I am participating

  3. Engr Chujwudi Egwuagu says:

    BREAKING NEWS: A Nigerian scientist has discovered a potent drug for the immunotherapy of COVID-19. His name is Engr. Chukwudi Egwuagu .

    • Wayan Vota says:

      Congratulations! I’m impressed that you developed immunotherapy treatment for COVID so quickly, and previously for HIV too. Great work!

    • Engr Chujwudi Egwuagu says:

      My good friend , I greet you. For the sake of CLARITY , both COVID-19 and HIV / AIDS are viral diseases, hence ,they can be studied or researched together. I carry out my comprehensive research findings specifically to HELP in solving global human health challenges. The research is 100% self funded.