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Apply Now: $1.7 Million for African Artificial Intelligence PhD Scholarships

By Wayan Vota on April 12, 2021

artificial intelligence phd scholorship
There are outstanding African graduate students doing exceptional artificial intelligence research across the African continent. They need support to become the next generation of machine learning academics and practitioners focused on responsible AI innovation for sustainable development.

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Responsible AI strives to be inclusive, rights-based, and sustainable in its development and implementation, ensuring that AI applications are leveraged for public benefit. Responsible AI will  influence the future of information and communication technology for development (ICT4D).

African Artificial Intelligence PhD Scholarships

The AI4D Scholarships from the African Center for Technology Studies will support PhD students and early academics in artificial intelligence and machine learning. The funding will be for research work addressing any of the Sustainable Development Goals across anglophone, francophone and lusophone sub-Saharan Africa.

$216,000 for Registered African PhD Students

Eight in-country scholarships (4 female and 4 male) will be given to candidates who are already registered for PhD, have finished course work, and their research proposals. The $27,000 scholarships will be selected based purely on the quality of the candidates and proposals, and last for two years.

$360,000 for Disadvantaged Female PhD Students

Women and students from low income countries that do not have universities offering PhDs in artificial intelligence should apply now to pursue their PhD studies in other African countries. 4 women scholars and 4 students from low income countries who completed their MSc will be supported with $45,000 scholarships over 30 months.

$544,000 for Early Career AI4D Academics

Eight early career academics who have between 3 and 5 years experience post-PhD will be supported to supervise PhD and MSc students. These early career academics will receive $68,000 in research grants and funding for one PhD and 2 MSc positions and related AI research tools such as databases.

$252,000 for Post-doctoral Women Researchers

Women and those from disadvantaged countries who recently received their PhD in machine learning can apply to build capacities for AI research and training in their universities. Four  post-doctoral candidates will receive $63,000 research grants and 2 MSc graduate positions for two years.

$360,000 for Senior AI4D Scholars

Senior scholars with at least 5 years experience and a senior lecturer status can submit research proposals in artificial intelligence. Eight successful professors will receive $45,000 for a fully sponsored PhD student to be selected among the short listed candidates from category 2 above.

Apply Now! Deadline is May 3, 2021

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